Bodegon 71: Try the Juice, Arabian Empanadas, and Dulce de Leche Conitos

Photos by Carina Ost
Filled with dulce de leche.
I've already declared my love for dining in North Beach and Normandy Isle, and now there's a new favorite spot in the neighborhood. Bodegon 71 offers seemingly endless empanadas, along with juices, smoothies, decadent desserts, and much more.

This family-run restaurant is still waiting for a wine and beer license, but in the meantime, I've tasted a majority of the items on the menu. And virtually every dish and juice shines.

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What first appears as simply a window selling empanadas is actually far more extensive. This eatery offers a ton of healthful options and Argentine staples.

The juice options are a bit limited, but you can mix and match up to three ingredients for a variety of combinations.

This grapefruit, carrot, and celery blend cost $3.99. Even better is they will most likely juice more than fits in your cup, so if you stay and sip, you can get a free refill.

The Spanish tortilla ($5.99) was irresistible and massive, filling an entire plate with its fluffy, eggy, frittata-like form chock full of tomatoes, potatoes cut like fries, onion, and red pepper. Other tortillas feature chorizo.

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Bodegon 71

1014 71st St, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Ritu J Duffy
Ritu J Duffy

went this morning after reading this, fyi-we were told tortilla price is 7.99, when I quoted the article, waiter claimed you got price wrong(5.99)..and then never came back to table...(we were only customers) so we had to order from counter. In the end they honored the 5.99 from article but woman at counter said price is 6.99 for plain tortilla and 7.99 for chorizo, and again article is wrong? either way, not worth the debate and hassle despite decent food

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