Brew at the Zoo: Like a Carnival but With Lots of Beer and No Rides

Despite the dark rain clouds looming Saturday afternoon, the promise of unlimited beer later that day was enough to please the gods and improve the weather.

New Times' fifth-annual Brew at the Zoo would go on, rain or shine. After the skies sent a brief downpour at 7 p.m., the clouds parted, and revelers poured in. There was plenty of lingering humidity, but also beer -- lots and lots of beer.

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As people arrived, they were handed a small frosted sampling cup. Once they walked through the gates, the setup was more than impressive. Dozens of tents were pitched along the lot by the Zoo Miami parking, and hundreds of attendees lined up to get a taste of the dozens of craft brands.

VIP guests were treated to a few perks, which included larger beer servings from the central bar within a fenced-off area, traditional or moscato-based sangria, and ZYR Russian vodka. The very important people could also sample some flavored shots and Trevi flavored water.

Fare from Taste of the Wild -- the Zoo Miami catering service -- was also served. But if VIPs arrived after 8:30 p.m., they missed out because Taste of the Wild had already packed up for the night.

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Zoo Miami

12400 SW 152nd St., Miami, FL

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Music acts were great. Otto & Vanilla Ice were entertaining as all hell.

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