Cavalli Miami: Fashion World Meets High-End Italian Food

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Cavalli's Octopus Carpaccio
It starts before you arrive: the low guttural hum of expensive Italian sports cars -- vivid-yellow Lamborghinis, sleek black Maseratis, fire-engine-red Ferraris -- idling out front at the valet stand.

Once you're inside, the opulence of Cavalli Miami Restaurant & Lounge only escalates.

Mismatched white and bright floral-clothed tables are adorned with glistening wine glasses and glamorous decorative plates from famed Italian designer Roberto Cavalli's home collection. Plush seats are covered in the designer's signature zebra and leopard prints. Dramatic framed photos of the designer, surrounded by models, hang on the walls.

The attention to detail is on par with a fully-crewed yacht. The space is immaculate and visually stunning. In the early evening, black-clad servers (some of whom wear the designer's animal prints on the trim of black aprons and shirts emblazoned with his name) can be seen polishing wine glasses as well as the sparkling stainless-steel and glass doors with handles that bear Cavalli's initials.

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Cavalli's Ornate Table Set-Ups

The Florence-born designer has been an icon in the fashion world since 1970. His first collection included an array of printed leather gowns. Since his debut more than 40 years ago, Cavalli has gone on to build a luxury empire known for its loud but elegant prints and glamorous bohemian aesthetic.

His sexy garb has been donned on red carpets by celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lopez to British model Cara Delevingne. In fact, he recently released sketches of costume designs for Katy Perry's upcoming Prismatic World Tour.

Cavalli has been critical of fashion stateside -- to him, all American women dress alike. But he's passionate about Miami. He was quoted in the New York Times as saying, "Now the city is hot," and he declared on his blog: "Miami is a great place! A crossroads of different cultures that come together in a unique combination of art, design, culture and joie de vivre... I love Miami!"

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Cavalli Miami

150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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Kenia West
Kenia West

Whatever this looks like mac n cheese.


This sounds exactly like everything I can't stand about South Beach. Flash and Cash. Love the restaurants and venues that are getting back to substance and quality rather than sell us on overstated opulence as that type of mindset Is tired, superficial, and dated.

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