Larios on the Beach Reopens to the Public Today

Photo by Kiko Ricote
Power couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan's restaurant Larios on the Beach reopens to the public today. Last night members of the press were invited to a grand reopening party to take a look at the new digs.

"Tonight brings back memories from when we first opened Larios on the Beach 22 years ago," Emilio Estefan told Short Order. "After many successful years, we wanted to redesign the interiors and menu."

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Emilio came up with the new design concept -- to "bring Miami Beach inside the restaurant" -- he even rolled up his sleeves and placed several of the seashells and marine fossils that adorn the walls. Floors are also made of seashells and recycled glass.

Tourists and locals have frequented the restaurant for more than two decades, since it opened in 1992, for its traditional Cuban dishes and "world-famous" mojitos. Much has changed since the early '90s, though, and the addition of Larios' "Triple C" (calorie-conscious Cuban) concept reflects the shift in people's eating habits.

Last night: The "calorie-conscious Cuban" food must be working, because the Estefans look like they haven't aged since Larios opened in 1992.
Gloria is the brain behind the new, health-conscious items, such as marinated and grilled fresh grouper, baked plantain chips, vegetarian black beans, and baked sweet plantains. Larios now also offers a brown rice option and baked versions of items that are traditionally fried, such as empanadas and plantains.

"I am happy with the addition of 'calorie-conscious Cuban' to the menu," Emilio said. "It is very important for us to have healthy options."

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Larios on the Beach

820 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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This chick is the New Time's equivalent of the Herald's Lydia Martin or worse, Deco Drive's Louie Aguirre. They never met a free meal they didn't like.

This piece of "journalism" reads like a regurgitated press release. Hard hitting!

You'd think after the remodeling they'd change the name to something more honest like Estefan's Kitchen. That's what the public needs to know.

Pepe Antonio
Pepe Antonio

You don't go out much, eh? I don't think you actually eat sitting on that sofa. Looks more like a lounge area.

Claudia Heidelberger
Claudia Heidelberger

who the hell is going to eat a bistec milanesa in that room. se cago el sofa!

Liset Wilson
Liset Wilson

Remember don't make a comment without actually reading the article!! ;-)

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

"Calorie-conscious Cuban food"?! With all that pork-infused Manteca?!?!

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