Michael Mina 74 Keeps National Burger Month Going with Four New Burgers

All photos by Carla Torres
The burger you could have had.
Burger month is almost over, which means you need to consume as many burgers as possible by the week's end. If that sounds difficult to do, don't fret -- Michael Mina 74 is setting out to make the task feasible. Not only did the restaurant roll out four burgers (one a week) for the special month, but has also added four additional burgers to the menu permanently. That means you can chow down on any of these bad boys well after Saturday night.

To close out the month, the Backyard BBQ burger will be available till Saturday, celebrating Memorial Day with house-smoked BBQ brisket glazed in a homemade BBQ sauce. So in case you didn't make it out to the beach last week (with good reason), this is reason enough to cross the bridge this weekend. Short Order was invited for a sampling of the new burgers. Pictures after the jump.

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The dry aged steak burger ($26) isn't new, but it's definitely worth talking about. It was actually our favorite of the evening. Chef Thomas Griese was on a trip in San Francisco and conceptualizing burger ideas with the group when they thought of the dry aged steak burger. "We really wanted to make something special that would be representative to what Michael Mina is all about and not be your regular burger," Griese said.

That resulted in a blend of wagyu brisket and chuck, which is sourced for Locker 28. Locker 28 is the in-house dry aging room that dries steak for FB Steakhouse and for Michael Mina 74's dry aged steak burger program. After drying the short rib, they get the ground and blend everything. Bacon and cheese are added, because well, bacon and cheese. Griese elevates this once again by double smoking the burger, which they also do in house. It's then finished with smoked gouda and a secret sauce.

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Michael Mina 74

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