Million Dollar Listing Miami Films at Tongue & Cheek

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Courtesy of Laine Doss
Chad and Sam: Frenemies take a selfie.
Bravo's reality series about real estate deals and meltdowns is coming to Miami, with our city becoming the tropical backdrop for three realtors wheeling, dealing, and backstabbing their way into the hearts of America.

Million Dollar Listing Miami is the third in Bravo's latest franchise. Premiering on
Wednesday, June 25 at 9 p.m., it follows the lives of three young entrepreneurs as they sell condos and waterfront mansions to the rich and famous. Miami is the third city to get the "Million Dollar" treatment, with New York and Los Angeles already having a respective series each.

The realtors, by the way are Chad Caroll, an executive vice president at Douglas Elliman in Miami Beach who has, according to his bio, "closed over $100 million in sales" and who "sells the Miami lifestyle side-by-side with multimillion dollar properties; Chris Leavitt, a broker at Douglas Elliman who recently sold a triplex penthouse in Miami Beach for $34 million; and Samantha DeBianchi, the founder of DeBianchi Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale whose company represents "a number of athletes, entrepreneurs and investors".

Grabbing a burger.
Last evening, two of the stars of the new show filmed chat at SoBe's Tongue & Cheek. Chad Carroll and Samantha DeBianchi were filmed at the bar, having a (what else on reality television), heated discussion. While we're not sure what was said, we do know that Carroll is a tequila man and DeBianchi likes a good classic cocktail. After the filming, the chef tweeted a congrats at the reality duo:

Sam on the phone.
The two (along with a crew of about a half-dozen camera people) filmed from about 8 p.m. until 10 p.m., at which time Carroll took a break to chow down on one of chef Jamie DeRosa's beef cheek burgers. According to a crew member, the episode should air sometime in early summer.

Here's a hint of what we can expect:

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I can't wait to watch the show and I think the Cast selection is great EXCEPT it would have been awesome if the first Woman Realtor that was chosen for the Franchise would have been one that's equally as successful in sales volume as the 2 guys that are on the show.  There are beautiful and successful women Realtors in South Florida who have very high sales volume. Maybe they were contacted and declined to participate in the show or were interviewed and not chosen or maybe they work for Brokerages that don't allow their Agents to participate in Reality TV Shows but I don't know since I'm not the Casting Director. 

Congratulations to Samantha DeBianchi for being a smart young woman who's hard working, owns her R.E. Brokerage, graduated from College early, and is quickly climbing the Ladder of R.E. success, BUT her sales volume isn't anywhere close to the level of what's expected of Agents on Million Dollar Listing.  Even the Casting Call for the Show specified that the ideal candidate "must have a high volume of multimillion dollar listings". Samantha always has very few listings and most aren't usually multimillion dollar listings.

The Show Bios state that Samantha has sold around $25 Million worth of Real Estate in the last 3 years.  That amount is certainly commendable and way above average, but it doesn't qualify for the truly upper echelon of sales production.  Chris is said to have sold over $120 Million worth of Real Estate in 2013 alone and Chad is said to have sold over $200 Million worth of Real Estate in the last 2 years. 

Supposedly, Bravo conducted a serious vetting process of the Realtors who were chosen for the show, so they obviously knew that Samantha was "up and coming" and wanted to add that twist to the plot of the show, like Luis on Million Dollar Listing New York having a sales level that's below Frederik and Ryan.   

When contacted by the show, Samantha could have declined since she knows her sales level isn't at the very top and knows that will be scrutinized and magnified by being on TV, but she must have decided to give it a shot anyway since it's an opportunity for business exposure.

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