O Cinema and Seed Food & Wine Fest Present Fed Up Premiere Friday

Screenshot from Fed Up
America's food system sucks and people are totally over it. In fact, they're Fed Up, an attitude epitomized by the new documentary of the same name.

The heralded documentary premieres at O Cinema Miami Shores this Friday, presented by Seed Food & Wine Festival, and will feature a post-flick Skype Q&A with director Stephanie Soechtig.

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The film addresses America's obesity epidemic through the eyes of overweight children struggling to drop pounds. It points a finger squarely at one specific ingredient -- sugar -- and argues that the food industry and the government have colluded in steering consumers astray.

"It's certainly about how misinformed we are as a general public and how misleading the government and the food industry have been with us. I think it's fair to say they have been less than honest," said O Cinema co-founder Kareem Tabsch.

"It follows a group of kids for a two-year period who've been battling weight issues their entire childhood. Even doing their due diligence, they're just not being successful," Tabsch said. "It's really because of the ingredients in food, including specifically diet food where fat content is removed from the food but a massive amount of sugar is added so the food still is palatable."

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O Cinema Miami Shores at Miami Theater Center

9806 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Shores, FL

Category: Film

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