Win $100 Duffy's Tab to Watch Heat Win Eastern Conference Finals UPDATED

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This could be you with $100 tab.
Our Miami Heat did some work against the Indian Pacers in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals, closing out the game 90 to 102. We are just one game away from making it to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive time in a row, and that game is tonight.

To celebrate, Duffy's is giving a $100 bar tab to one Short Order reader to cash in on their recently renovated pool deck. The revamped pool deck is equipped with lounge-style seating, vivid lighting, and tropical tiki torches. The bar tab is good for Game Six, this Friday, May 30, at the North Miami Beach location. If for any reason the Heat don't make it to Game Six, the tab will be honored during the first game of the NBA Finals. To win, just tell us why the Heat will beat the Pacers in the comments below. Be sure to include a valid email address or Twitter handle so we can contact you. We'll pick our favorite answer and announce it by Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

We talked to senior general manager Mark Wampole about the new deck, why Duffy's is the number one spot for game time, how they prepare for game nights, and what special surprises they're rolling out for the finals.

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At 25,000 square feet, Duffy's in North Miami Beach is the largest outpost of the sport's bar chain. That's a whole lotta room, and Duffy's does a good job filling it. From a line going out the door on any given night and 500 feet of dockage for diners to dock and dine on the weekends, Duffy's is also ideal for boat days. Poolside soirees with DJs on rotation take place every Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 8 p.m. and 2-for-1 happy hour never stops.

New Times: On a regular night, how many covers do you do? What about game night?
Mark Wampole: With two full bars and over 800 seats spread across multiple dining rooms, we can accommodate a huge number of fans. Typically, during HEAT playoffs we see an increased number of guests -- usually 25 to 40 percent more than on average weeknights.

Why did you decide to revamp the pool deck?
Since opening our North Miami Beach location in 2011, we decided it was time to put some energy behind our prime waterfront location. We rebranded the pool area with plenty of patio lounge seating and added in state of the art lighting to further accent our intracoastal location. We are very pleased with the sexy and sophisticated vibe as well as the positive response from our guests.

How do you guys prepare for game nights?
We drill and practice just like the team does. We have an excellent culinary team and they really work hard on game days preparing for increased traffic. After a game day, when everyone leaves happy, we feel like we've "won" just like the winning team.

What advice do you have to people trying to get a good table/seat for the game?
Arrive with your entire party during the pre-game and you should have no problem getting a table. Enjoy the pre-game on over 200 plasma TV's or watch the boats go by on the intracoastal waterway until tip off.

Top picks to order during a Heat game? Any game day/finals specials or promotions?
Duffy's jumbo wings are the most popular, but our new Fresh Maine Lobster Roll is becoming a hit with the fans. Oftentimes, game day guests prefer to share a variety of appetizers that are easy to mix and match. Our mini tacos and new Dip Trio seem to fly out of the kitchen.

Any celebrations planned for Eastern Conference finals? What about when we take the ring again?
With 2-for-1 drinks all day, every day, Duffy's in North Miami is the place to cheer on the HEAT for the Eastern Conference Championship and the finals. We actually have a new menu starting during the Eastern Conference Finals, which includes a a trio of dips (warm queso, made to order guacamole and house made salsa), as well as a surf & turf special for $11.99 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after 5. We'll have all the Duffy's favorites plus a few new surprises, which we can't say just yet. But when the HEAT three-peat, this is going to be the place to be!

UPDATED: We have a winner. Raymond Lopez will eat and drink like a champ with his Duffy's bar tab. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Because Roy Hibbert is 7'2 and can't jump! @heidibarfels


The Heat will win because we have an arsenal of talent that supports thee best player in the NBA Lebron "cobra d***" James!


The heat will win because Bosh will keep gettin' Jurassic on the Pacers. @maeliesnow


The Heat will win the series because the Pacers are playing like the Space Jam aliens stole all their talent in order to form their own mediocre/over-rated/boring basketball team.


The heat are the back to back champs. The big 3 are more determined than ever. Pgeorge already acting like a crybaby and ive contributed for the pacers just as much as hibbert lol. The pacers looking flat as f*ck.Southbeach 3peat all day baby. The west aint ready.


The Heat will win because the Pacers look like an 8 seed or even a JV high school team at times.


The Heat will win because the Pacers look like an 8 seed or even a JV high school team at times.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

"closing out the game 90 to 102"

Heres a tip for you, in the US we write the winning teams score first.


We have Lebron, Wade, bosh and our lethal weapon, Ray Allen. The heat will win tonight because they are tired of looking for paul georges forehead and do not want to pick on hibbert anymore. We all knw how he gets when he cant score a single point. Starts binge eating, gets catfished like paul george. Lets put them out of their misery and let them go on vacation early. There's always next year for them! (Not really though). #3peat #miamiheat


The heat are the back to back champs. They seem hungrier than ever plus he pacers loking flat as f*ck. PGeorge already acting like a cry baby and so far ive contributed towards the pacers just as much as hibbert lol. Southbeach 3peat all day baby! The series is a wrap.

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