Shikany in Wynwood: Foams, Dehydrated Foods, and Vanilla Cotton Candy (Photos)

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Photos by Sara Ventiera
Opened only a few weeks ago, Shikany has brought yet another new dining concept to Wynwood.

It is, however, a stark contrast to the rest of the still-gentrifying neighborhood. Housed in a completely renovated warehouse, the visually stunning restaurant offers global cuisine with modern techniques, including molecular tricks such as foams, dehydrated foods, and vanilla cotton candy.

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The interior is modern yet attractive. A few simple but elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling. One wall is decorated with a diamond-shaped architectural effect. Simple parsons tables are adorned with a single sprig of woody herbs in front of each seat. An open, marble-topped kitchen counter at the back of the restaurant matches the bar at the front. The warehouse is reminiscent of an art gallery.

The brainchild of executive chef/owner Michael Shikany, the menu incorporates a wide range of flavors from around the world, including France, Asia, Italy, and the United States. The goal is to incorporate traditional flavor combinations with new techniques, many of which fall under the molecular category.

A mushroom truffle amuse-bouche with truffle caviar, rose petals, dehydrated raspberries, and other, difficult-to-remember ingredients.

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251 NW 25th St., Miami, FL

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It looks like someone trying waaaaay too hard. Simplify the menu and learn how to plate! Those dishes look dull, boring and dirty. The "paint" on the plates is poorly done, many of them don't even look wiped. The dessert looks like something pulled out of a swamp and thrown on the plate. $36 for 3 little scallops? Go to Wynwood Kitchen a block away and pay less than half with a much livelier experience. Good luck lasting long with that pretentious attitude. 

icculus17 topcommenter

"Open just a few weeks ago, Shikany has brought yet another new dining concept to Wynwood."


Opening?  (ago)? 

"yet another" refers to what?

who writes this shit?


Who eats this stuff? Not the general Public I can assure you.  Place won't last.  

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