Ten Best Food Items in Miami for One Dollar

Photo by Carina Ost
The best a dollar can buy.
Miami may be home to a $1,000 ice-cream sundae, a $65 burger, and other extravagant offerings, but this fair city also offers affordable fare.

Looking beyond the golden arches for dollar menu items isn't easy, though. Short Order scoured the city on a George Washington-dollar-bill budget. We admit we went a nickel and dime over on a couple of choices, but none of these delicious food items will break the bank. Dig in and eat your buck's worth of grub.

Carina Ost
Three chocolates.
10. Three chocolates for $1 at Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine
Chocolate-making has been in Claude Postel's family for seven generations. He even has the old molds to prove it. Though the bonbons with exotic fillings cost $1.50 each, look toward the case on the left, where there's a bowl of pure chocolates in milk and dark varieties. They are priced three for $1. Grab some of the creations, whose shapes change seasonally and are a favorite among children.

Carina Ost
Duo of dolmas.
9. Dolmas at Jerusalem Market & Deli
Dolmas are deliciously briny bundles of joy. At Jerusalem Market, you can get meat-filled grape leaves for 85 cents or two vegetarian rice-filled ones for $1. They are full of flavor and fluffy rice.

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You guys forgot the $1 potato and pea samosas from Asia Grocery!  I buy a dozen to a party and with the hot sauce they give you they're to die for... yum!

German Vasquez
German Vasquez

Yup. You guys are missing out on a few great places that serve amazing items for one dollar.

Nicole Mars
Nicole Mars

I'll be impressed when you make a "getting drunk under $5" list.

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