The Mighty: A Coral Gables Craft Beer, Cocktail, and Sausage Bar Opening in May (Updated)

Courtesy of Ryan Brooks
In the absence of Abraxas Lounge, similar bars that cater to the craft beer market are beginning to pop up in Miami, such as the Mighty, which officially opens May 7.

Ryan Brooks, owner of the Mighty, moved from San Francisco in the wake of the burgeoning craft beer market in Miami.

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But Brooks is no stranger to craft beer. He has at least seven years under his belt in the brewing industry, having worked at 21st Amendment Brewery and San Francisco Brewing Company, which has since closed.

The beer selection is everything a craftie would appreciate: sour beers, barrel-aged beers, and beers that are hard to find in South Florida. But the Mighty is not just a craft beer bar. It's also a place for a stiff drink and juicy sausages.

"Craft beer is kind of a burgeoning thing here, but I also want to sell tequila," Brooks says.

Brooks wants the Mighty to be a destination for craft cocktails, but it will not necessarily be a mixology bar, although cocktail ingredients such as juice will be freshly squeezed.

As far as the food goes, it's all about the meat. Brooks brought in Fernando Echeverri, a chef trained in the traditions of Spanish and French charcuterie.

Among the items on the now-finalized menu are beer-steamed pork sausage, duck sausage, and seafood sausage, made with salmon, scallops, octopus, and roasted peppers.

The 2,000-square-foot interior is adorned with a touch of Brooks' carpentry, including tables and a 34-foot bar made from repurposed rosewood. Seating capacity maxes out at 60. There is no outdoor seating.

"The Mighty will have an unusual, albeit expensive, selection of beer," Brooks says. "But it's a place that you know when you go there, they're going to have beer that you don't get anywhere else."

Update: Co-owner Esti Brooks sent this message: A recent tragedy has forced the Mighty to postpone the opening date. Part of our house burned down and we are in the middle of rebuilding, so we can have a place to sleep. The Mighty will still be opening in May -- just at a later date.

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The Mighty

2224 Coral Way, Miami, FL

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Abraxas Lounge - CLOSED

407 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Ben Bowen

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Jo Braga

Uh craft beers? Didn't they just pass a bill getting rid of craft brewers in the state of Florida? Bad timing?

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Damn that's some update. Opening postponed for the facebookers that didn't click the link.

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