Daddy Brews: Get Schooled in the Art of Beer Making

All photos by Cassie Glenn
Miami's craft beer scene is very much alive and growing. It seems locals are realizing beer was made for more than just frat parties or $10 buckets. We now see it should be appreciated with the same respect as a fine red wine. No, really.

Jacob Lindsay, owner of Daddy Brews, is not shy to tell you why Corona sucks or that Blue Moon does not qualify as a "craft" beer. That being said, he's not a beer snob; he's just interested in teaching the community how to evaluate craft beer and, more importantly, brew their own at home. Since opening in September, he's been teaching weekly classes that originally were free, but now come with a $25 price tag. With complimentary tastings and a comprehensive overview of the brewing process, it comes as no surprise that these sessions sell out every weekend.

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On this particular day, Lindsay moved the class that's regularly outside to the inside of his warehouse-turned-home brew supply store. As summer temps heat up, we hope this becomes his go-to arrangement. The type of beer being brewed changes with each class and ranges from IPAs and Hefeweizens to Nutty Brown or Red Ales. The three-hour session covers the brewing process from beginning with the grain bag to bottling the finished product. During the session, Lindsay talks about the supplies needed and where to find them in the store, the means by which you can get different flavor profiles in your own beer at home, and his own experiences brewing and interacting with fellow brewers.

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Daddy Brews

4427 SW 74th Ave., Miami, FL

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Suz Mullin

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