Dishcrawl's First Stop: Our Culinary Tour of Coconut Grove

All photos by Carla Torres
Table, ready, set, Dishcrawl!
Dishcrawl 2014 kicked off last night with a culinary tour through the historic and peacock-infested streets of Coconut Grove, and Short Order was invited to join the action.

Dishcrawl regularly features anywhere from three to five restaurants. Last night we sampled three dishes at three restaurants, two of which are kept secret till the night of the Crawl and the first released just 48 hours before. Last week, we gave you the scoop that we'd be hitting up Peacock Garden Café first.

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Peacock Garden Café is popular with Grovites. Many of the Dishcrawlers had dined at Peacock before, but the restaurant was able to woo some new faces with their new menu. Launching in the next couple of weeks, we were the first to get a bite of the new additions.

A tomato gazpacho with vegetables and basil was a nice little slurp and refreshing beginning for the hot summer night. It was balanced perfectly, with just a shudder of acidity seeping through and smooth in texture. It was everything you'd want in a gazpacho.

Tuna sashimi with avocado salad kept the refreshing summer theme going. We had some crawlers who were allergic to avocado. Dishcrawl fully caters to any dietary restrictions you have, just be sure to let them know in advance so they can cook you up a replacement with time so you eat with the rest of the group.

The last new addition to the menu we sampled was pear and prosciutto with basil, shredded Parmesan, and raspberry vinaigrette. Our favorite dish of the entire night and all three restaurants, it was an inventive and unexpected combination that made so much sense once we took a bite. Try it at home, although chances are it won't taste the same. Shame on the lady next to me for leaving behind her pears.

We then walked aimlessly to our next destination led by Miami Dishcrawl Ambassador Alex Guerra, who teased us with where we were going.

Location Info

Peacock Garden Cafe

2889 McFarlane Road, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant


3540 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL

Category: Music

La Bottega by Carmen Trigueros

3540 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Well, let's see: first, Taurus is not a sports bar- never has been, in their very, very long history. In fact they're the oldest tavern in Coconut Grove. Wings are nowhere near their best-selling item. They're known for their Taurus Burger, widely regarded as the best in Miami- so much so, that they won Best Burger on this very publication a couple of years ago. Their Napalm sauce is very hot, hence being named after an explosive- but no- it contains no Ghost Pepper. And the errors in this piece keep adding up. Their Hialeah Sliders, not "Tostone Burgers" and Avocado Fries are delicious and perfectly healthy. Are they diet-friendly? Probably not, but perhaps you should stick to Seasons 52 and not a neighborhood pub. They do however have Ceviche, Veggie Burgers and Tuna Tartar dishes that are spectacular and low-cal, but that was not mentioned in this particular piece. 

There is room for criticism and growth for every restaurant- but I believe people should be a little more responsible with their assessments and have a bit more respect for the truth, and not just incorrect whims. It's called journalistic integrity. This place has been my favorite spot for 5 years- and for a reason-  their food is fantastic. Needless to say, I won't be reading this blog any longer.

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