Donut Divas: Deep-Fried Fair Grub Year-Round

Photos by Cassie Glenn
When push comes to shove, the food is the number one reason many people head to the fair. Offering giant elephant ears, footlong corn dogs, and even those barbecued meat parfaits, these annual events are the perfect excuse to throw caloric cares out the window and indulge.

Now, what if all of your fair favorites were served here in Miami year-round? No ticket necessary! Meet Donut Divas.

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Yojani Blandino started in the chocolate fountain business ten years ago. Wanting to expand her reach, she enlisted best friend Maria Acosta to join in a new venture that soon became Donut Divas. For the past seven years, the ladies have made their mark in the catering business, garnering a loyal following evident by more than 30,000 Facebook fans and 18,000 Instagram followers. You'll find them around town frying fresh doughnuts, scooping ice cream, and doling out chocolate strawberries at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and parties.

Needing to expand headquarters, the pair took over a space in South Miami last July. Not only did it serve as a hub for the catering biz, but they also decided to open a storefront to sell their renowned fresh doughnuts to make money on the side. Without much intention to turn it into a full-fledged shop, Donut Divas sold to a packed house during the grand opening. Blandino realized her clientele was not as health-conscious as she originally thought.

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Donut Divas & Fun Foods

3380 NW 7th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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