Albie's Sub Factory Serves Substantial Steak, Breakfast, and Burger Sandwiches

All photos by Carina Ost
Steak sub.

Albie, also known as Alberto Ruiz, knows subs. For more than a decade, he worked at his family's business Subs on the Run. He has recently broken free and created a sub factory all his own.

On a recent visit to Albie's Sub Factory, the six-week-old deli right where a sign welcomes you to Uleta neighborhood in North Miami Beach, we wrapped our hands around the soft roll of a superior sub.

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Albie, sub maker.
Albie suggested we order a steak sandwich because that is the most popular. We went with the steak and cheese ($5.69 for 8-inch or $6.99 for 11). It started out pretty classic as the thinly sliced steak and cheese (we chose the grated provolone) hit the grill. However, it was with the toppings that the fun happened. We said yes to everything, mayo, mustard, tomato, pickles, grilled onions and then got it topped with potato sticks -- because Miami -- oil and vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Sub goes frita style.
It was a pretty tasty sub and Albie seemed confident we will be back. It is true; just in the steak sandwich category there was the Albie's spicy beef with corned beef, buffalo sauce, and ranch thrown in the roll and a steak fajita sub with sour cream, salsa, and bell peppers. Not to be outdone, the steak supreme has mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, and bacon.

If you want other options there are plenty of breakfast subs, like the sausage and eggs that starts at $2.99 for an 8-incher.

Under cold subs on the menu, the American sub is even cheaper ($2.29) with bologna, salami, and American cheese. America, eff yeah!

Other classic American combos that we look forward to trying are the burger subs. Albie will take your bacon cheeseburger and slice up the patty into large hunks and place it in a soft roll for your grasping pleasure.

Beyond subs, some salads and wraps are available. Regardless of what you choose, Albie has plenty of options that are fully customizable as you guide him through the toppings bar with your likes and dislikes

Courtesy Albie's Sub Factory
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Albie's Sub Factory

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Albie's is doing a great job, the cheeseburger deluxe and the tuna melt with seasoned fries are the bomb!!!

Alba Lu
Alba Lu

Sheila Lilybeth CordovaChantal XimenezPamela Gonzalez I finally got around opening it up. I expect to see ya'll at Albie's

Gary McFly
Gary McFly

Yum, I'm from NMB and never knew of this place. Looking forward to checking them out soon.

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