Benchwarmers in Midtown Is Open: Beer, Fries, and the World Cup

Photos by Laine Doss
Lots 'o' fries!
Benchwarmers, the midtown sports bar by Cesar Morales, the owner of Wynwood's Wood Tavern, is open.

The informal bar opened Saturday, just in time for World Cup fever, and I stopped in for a beer and some fries.

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It's difficult to miss this casual spot, located across the street from midtown Miami's multiuse shopping and living space, in the building that formerly housed Soho Lounge. Just look for the gigantic blue "Benchwarmers" mural on the corner of NE 36th Street and First Court.

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Benchwarmers - CLOSED

175 NE 36th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Jessenia Garcia
Jessenia Garcia

Betty Vargas-Martinez we are soooo going for next game! Beer & Fries! well hello!

Caitlin Marino
Caitlin Marino

I can be in! Just got to figure out what games if won't be at work for -___- Andreina

Jessica Alonso
Jessica Alonso

Evelyn Dieppa Victoria E. Giraldo dale!!! Gooooaalll!!


lol benchwarmers... isn't that the name for losers/ crappy players of a team sport?

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