Broken Shaker's New Chef, James Seyba, Creates Menu Designed to Pair with Cocktails

All photos courtesy of Broken Shaker
Burger ($15) with sharp cheddar and drunken onions. House cured bacon two bucks extra.
The Broken Shaker's always been about turning out spectacularly crafted cocktails and now, with the addition of chef James Seyba, the lounge at the Freehand Miami is upping its game food-wise.

Seyba, who recently served as chef de cuisine of 150 Central Park, Michael Schwartz's restaurant on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, has introduced a new menu designed to work with the Shaker's cocktail program.

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James Seyba joins the Broken Shaker team.
In keeping with the Shaker's philosophy of working from scratch, many items are made in-house, including bacon, jerky ($5), cheese, and pickles ($6). In addition, dishes often include various spirits and beers in order to complement the flavors in the cocktails. Seyba explains, "The Shaker has always been known for taking cocktails to the next level. Working with Gabe and Elad has opened my mind to different combinations and innovative ideas."

Seyba is also taking the bar's herb garden to another level. "We are very close to breaking ground on an on-site garden. This will provide guests with a authentic farm-to-table experience in which almost all of the herbs, fruits, and vegetables will be planted and picked on the premises."

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The Broken Shaker

2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

@TruthBtold Please do not post defamatory and libelous comments without proof to back it up.


@JoseDuran I'll use "wolf in sheep clothing" then. Just ask anyone he's ever worked/lived with. He's a great chef. Just not so great of a person when you get down to it. True story. Hope that clears things up. Once again, Very happy for The Shaker.

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