Fabio Viviani Moving to Miami in Anticipation of Siena Tavern's Opening

Courtesy of Siena Tavern
Fabio: Permanent Miami resident (sigh).
Fabio Viviani might have caught the public's eye during season five of Bravo's Top Chef, but he's been in the restaurant industry since he was a teen. The Florence native began cooking in family kitchens as a child before landing his first job at the age of 14 at Trattoria Il Pallaio. Now the handsome chef is the owner and executive chef of Cafe Firenze and Firenze Osteria (both in California) and Siena Tavern in Chicago, with a Siena Tavern outpost set to take over the old China Grill space in South Beach this fall.

Viviani recently chatted with New Times about Siena Tavern, fame, and why paying a lot for a bottle of wine is absolutely ridiculous.

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New Times: First off, what's the ETA of Siena Tavern opening in Miami Beach?

Fabio Viviani: We're in full construction mode -- concrete, pipes, electrical. We're also working on the menu and the cocktail and wine list. We're like white on rice. We're good. We can't wait to open so we can serve you guys.

When we last spoke, you said you would alter the menu from your Chicago location. How is that going?
Look, I understand my Chicago menu will only apply to Miami so much. We have to adapt to Miami culture and expectations. With that in mind, we're going to work with local vendors, and we have some very cool guys doing the mixology program.

Who are they?
If I give everything to you right now, what else are we going to talk about in a few weeks?

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Michael Reginbogin
Michael Reginbogin

So glad that the China Grill space is finally getting a new tenant!

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