My Ceviche Owners Acquire Latin Burger & Taco Restaurant

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Photo by Laine Doss
Latin Burger & Taco in Coral Gables.
My Ceviche has acquired Latin Burger & Taco restaurants.

My Ceviche's Sam Gorenstein and Roger Duarte finalized a deal Monday with Latin Burger & Taco's Jim Heins to purchase the Latin Burger restaurant in Coral Gables. The purchase, for an undisclosed amount, does not at this time affect the pink-and-black food trucks, which will remain under original ownership.

Latin Burger & Taco started as one of the first food trucks in Miami when he rumbled onto the scene in November 2009. It soon became a sensation, with long lines of fans waiting for the truck's signature burgers and tacos. The franchise quickly expanded with the addition of a second truck in 2011 and a brick-and-mortar restaurant opening in late 2013.

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Latin Burger's Jim Heins tells Short Order that the arrangement is a purely organic one. "I was speaking with Roger [Duarte], and our visions were somewhat aligned as to growing our respective brands. When talking about My Ceviche and the duo's desire to grow the restaurant, Latin Burger kept coming up.

"At the same time, I came to the conclusion that I didn't have the time to grow Latin Burger to its full potential since other projects were taking too much of my time."

The Latin Burger & Taco restaurant in Coral Gables has closed, and construction has begun on the space, which will become a My Ceviche location. The Latin Burger restaurant will be relocated in the future. Fans of the decadent Latin Macho burger can still find it on Latin Burger & Taco's food trucks.

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Location Info

Latin Burger & Taco

232 Miracle Mile, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

My Ceviche

235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Katia Bon
Katia Bon

My Ceviche is the Best!! there going to be a hit in miracle mile!!!

Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez

There's been 4 different venue of food there 3 of which were burgers.. It's like bad luck in that location. Sucks.

Sussy Toyos
Sussy Toyos

Francisco Solano surprise surprise they're closing down

Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles

Yeah, parking is a mission at lunch time and rush hour which kills store traffic. Good luck on the other location.

Monica Gomez
Monica Gomez

Marco Gomez nothing stays open in that spot...

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