World Cup 2014: How to Make a Caipirinha From Edge Steak & Bar's Copa Lounge

All photos by Cassie Glenn
Soccer's cool but you had us at caipirinhas.
World Cup mania is in full swing! A country that rarely shows interest in soccer is now crowding bars and restaurants around the city to catch the action. Maybe it's for the sake of feeling part of all or maybe it's because we're truly engulfed with pride for the red, white, and blue. One thing we're sure plays a big part? Booze.

Places around town are capitalizing on heightened big screen demand with an array of food and drink specials. Edge Steak & Bar is no exception. This popular spot located inside the Four Seasons has transformed a private event space across from the main restaurant into Edge Copa Lounge, a soccer den with multiple TVs, plenty of seating, foosball tables, and a full bar.

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While you can opt for Heineken (a sponsor) or a more enticing seasonal craft beer, we suggest going authentic and choosing a made-to-order caipirinha from the Leblon Cachaça cart. After all, it's the national drink of Brazil.

As simple as a mojito, a caipirinha can easily be made at home. We enlisted Edge bartender Edwin Sierra to give us a step-by-step instruction of how to make this timely drink in five simple steps:

You're going to need a lot of limes.
1: Cut your lime.

For some extra color and flavor, toss in some fruit.
2. Muddle the lime with 1 oz. simple syrup made from boiled sugar and water.

In the mood for something sweet? Add strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, pineapple, or oranges to the mix.

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Edge Steak & Bar

1435 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles

Caipirinha tastes like shit, I'd rather have a Mojito any day.

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