Bistro BE's Belgian Fare: Fruity Beers, Mussel Pots, and Dill-Stuffed Waffles (Photos)

Photos by Carla Torres
Drink like a Belgian.
What do you know about Belgian cuisine? Chances are not much. Well, with the opening of Bistro BE in Brickell last Friday, you'll be able to eat your way through the country well known for its waffles.

Short Order was invited to check out Bistro BE's 100 percent Belgian fare and extensive beer selection, which features 70 brews that are, yep, all Belgian. Even the table next to ours had a Belgian soccer player who was bringing his teammates to get a taste of home.

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The quaint restaurant is located in the Axis a short distance from the now-closed Hoxton. There's a patio, but considering it's summer in Miami, we opted for indoors. Besides, you'll want to snag a table close to the open kitchen so you can get a clear view of executive chef Frederik Appelt putting finishing touches on each one of his dishes. Although Appelt's menu is made up of Belgian dishes, he salutes the French by way of technique. New to the Magic City, the Belgian-born chef has helmed the kitchens of some of Belgium's most esteemed restaurants, including Kosmopol, a wildly popular brasserie in Leuven.

It's no mistake that the beer menu is triple the size of the food offerings. Confused? Ask the gentleman behind the bar for help -- his Rich Uncle Pennybags mustache is pure Belgian too. We started off with a Nostradamus (because of the name and the 9 percent alcohol by volume, duh), which was rich, warming, and spicy ($11). Licorice, mocha, pear, and toasted bread background notes make it the perfect after-dinner drink. Take the menu's advice -- the beer masked my taste buds. Luckily, I helped my dining companion out with his Chimay White ($14) served in a Chimay glass (as it should be).

Amuse my bouche
An amuse-bouche came compliments of the chef and gave a peek into the remainder of the meal. A poor man's dish flourished into haute cuisine, this concoction of fish cooked off its bone, mashed potatoes, and anchovies is a delight for fans of anchovies.

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