Former Giorgio Rapicavoli Protégé and Taperia Raca Chef Ryan Harrison Snipes on Twitter

Happier times. Giorgio Rapicavoli, former chef de cuisine Ryan Harrison, and co-owner Alex Casanova.
Former Taperia Raca chef de cuisine Ryan Harrison took to Twitter last night, lashing out at his former boss and Eating House owner Giorgio Rapicavoli after Harrison left the MiMo tapas joint earlier this month.

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In brief, Harrison, who said he'd never made a croqueta prior to starting at Taperia Raca this spring, claims he was basically left on his own to execute Rapicavoli's vision while the Eating House chef stayed busy at his Coral Gables headquarters, not giving a Twitter or Instagram shout-out to help drive customers on slow weeknights.

"He would come occasionally on Wednesday night and stay an hour or two, but he was never there for any of the action," Harrison said over the phone Wednesday night.

The local tomatoes, he added, were from California and the so-called house-made bacon came from a purveyor.

"Usually you would think when an owner allows you freedom to cook, you take it," Rapicavoli told New Times via text message.

It is painful to repeat all of this childish drama, but perhaps there is a greater lesson we can take away from it: Keep your verbal diarrhea off Twitter. Is this 2008? Isn't it common knowledge that mouthing off on social media whether you're a chef, a Republican, or formerly obese Garcinia mouthpiece Adam Richman is just a bad idea?

Shame on you, Ryan Harrison. Mostly because your inability to control yourself has really overshadowed your abilities in the kitchen. Rapicavoli on Wednesday acknowledged Harrison as a "great cook."

Harrison's short-lived Preservation in Sunny Isles Beach was one of the most exciting restaurant concepts we've seen in recent years. Harrison was smoking his own salmon, making his own delicious fatty-duck rilletes, and curing his own sausages.

He should let his cooking, not his tweeting, speak for him.

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If your name is behind it and you call the place yours. You need to be there, period. Forget the truth in menu part. That place has had tons of turnover. Not sure anyone works there anymore from opening team. Including the chef. 


Immaturity. He'll grow up one day and smell the coffee. 


Agree he should not be yapping on twitter, but I do believe that restaurants, even ones such as this with big name chefs behind it, are full of BS when it comes to sourcing food.  It is just a bunch of trend words for the most part.  

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