Arepada: Pubbelly Pop-Up With La Latina Celebrates Arepas Wednesday

Courtesy Pubbelly
Coming together in the name of arepas.
Ah, an arepa, that glorious golden cornflour puck stuffed with goodness. For one night only, you can get some Jose Mendin in the middle. The Pubbelly chef and partner is staging a pop-up with La Latina late Wednesday night from 9 p.m till 2 a.m. at Pubbelly.

We have already raved about La Latina's vegan plantain and black bean arepa, and don't get us started on the empanadas de pabellón. The Pubbelly boys have already successfully tackled steak, sushi, and most recently French food at their series of restaurants, so arepas are a welcome departure into simple and delicious street food. But don't worry -- these gold disks are getting the Mendin touch.

We asked Mendin some burning questions about this upcoming griddle-hot night and how he plans to pack it with surprising flavors.

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New Times: Why partner with La Latina?
Jose Mendin: I've been going there to eat arepas for a while and love that they opened a restaurant like that, that focuses on one of their national and most popular dishes. I love the place, the flavors, and I truly believe that their simplicity is very authentic and unique. After getting to know their manager, Carlos, and talking to him a couple of times, the idea was brought up: What if we did a Pubbelly-style arepa night?

Why arepas?
Why not? I wanted to do a social night at Pubbelly, and this can become a regular thing. Maybe next we'll take on tacos, empanadas, street foods. But there is also the fact that when I went to Venezuela, I loved the arepas. It's something we don't do in Puerto Rico; we have our own version, but it's not made from corn. And I think that tasty, crusty corn masa can be filled with unusual fillings and be very tasty. We are just having fun, trying different things.

Location Info

La Latina

3509 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Ivette Garcia
Ivette Garcia

Ileana Garcia Virginia Rivero Rivas vamos! Esta noche solamente.. Que crean?? Pa my birthday??? O.o

Stephanie Tablada
Stephanie Tablada

Jipsy , you should try the arepas. La Latina is awesome and they're teaming up with Pubbelly


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