Bacon Bash at Nikki Beach: Bask in the Bacon-Wrapped Glory (Photos)

All photos courtesy Tony Guerra
Chocolate-covered bacon. Lick it up.
Imagine the Swine & Wine festival at the Biltmore Hotel, but with less wine and more bikini-clad bodies. This past weekend, Nikki Beach masterfully combined mojitos, bacon, and live DJs to create a uniquely Miami Fourth of July celebration. The pig binge was part of the Annual IndepenDANCE pool and beach parties, but this was the first ever bacon bacchanalia. Guests in beach-yet-club-friendly attire came for the food and stayed for the party as DJs David Tort, David Solano, and LA Riots took the outdoor stage later that night.

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Bacon-wrapped scallops
The bacon bash in honor of Independence Day was the first of its kind -- but, hopefully for meat lovers, not the last. The food was all served and prepared on site by Nikki Beach chefs, and the bacon was definitely a departure from their standard fare. The standard Fourth of July classics like hamburgers and hotdogs aren't exactly what Nikki Beach is about, where a typical entree may run you upwards of $30.

Courtesy Citrus Miami
Bacon tuna nicoise salad
"We wanted to have a foodie event that kept with the luxury of the Nikki Beach brand," said Olga Megrabian of Nikki Beach Miami. "We tried to make use of the influence of our global locations." (See: bacon-wrapped teriyaki cubes; bacon tuna nicoise salad).

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Nikki Beach Miami

1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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