Broken Shaker's James Seyba Talks Black Watermelons and Buns in the Oven

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Seyba brings home the bacon.
Prior to joining the Broken Shaker last November, James Seyba got his tutelage under Michael Schwartz while working as a sous-chef at Michael's Genuine before moving to New Orleans as chef de partie at Asian bistro Lucky Rooster. Seyba has shaken up (pun intended) the menu twice since settling in at the Freehand Miami.

Seyba and his sous-chef, Anthony Ciancio (also from Michael's Genuine), are working on keeping the Shaker's garden well stocked so that by the time harvesting season peaks, their produce is ready and in full swing. We stopped in to try his summer fare and chat about the the Shaker's indoor restaurant, new kitchen, and rooftop garden.

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You might be thinking the Broken Shaker needs absolutely no fixing, and you're right. But with Miami's sweltering heat keeping us from wanting to go outside during half of the year, you'll be glad to know that soon enough you'll be able to sip on Shaker punch and nibble on true farm-to-table grub under air conditioning -- all with the same laid back company you find at the Broken Shaker now.

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"We're tearing down the black graffiti wall that divides the building they're working on and the hostel," Seyba said. "It's going to be all one big courtyard that connect the three buildings. It's going to be very cool." That third building Seyba is talking about is the kitchen, which will be directly across from the two-story restaurant and lounge.

The kitchen will be equipped with a rooftop garden that will grow all the herbs, vegetables, and other produce for Seyba and Ciancio to use, as well as the Shaker's mixology wizards. "This is going to give us the ability to be truly farm-to-table to the tenth power," Seyba said. "That term is thrown around so loosely now but we want to be as sustainable as possible."

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