Brunch at Terrazza: DIY Bloody Mary Bar and Well-Stocked Buffet

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Photos by Carla Torres
Do you like to do it yourself?
As Miami's brunch evolves into a sea of bottomless options and dozens of eggs being cooked in different and inventive ways, restaurants are looking to take the Sunday feast to the next level: A day to revel and give into the week-long battle with gluttony, Sunday is undoubtedly meant for brunch.

Terrazza at the Shore Club, which serves brunch as a starter to their Shore Things Sunday pool party, has decided to add some options to their limitless offerings and a DIY Bloody Mary bar, because why not?

Short Order was invited to be our own mixologist and indulge in the bounty of edible choices, part of the Ladies Who Brunch gathering.

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Ladies Who Brunch was a concept launched two and a half years ago, so it's a wonder why more ladies in the house don't know about this spectacular deal. For $44, you get repeat visits to the buffet's several stations and ever-flowing mimosas or bellinis. Gals who like to drink Bloody Marys will need to fork up an extra $20 for the DIY bar. As for the fellas, life always seems to be more difficult (and expensive). Guys who decide to brunch will be out $44 for brunch and an additional $20 for either bottomless offering (Bloody Mary or mimosas). So just what does all that cash get you, in addition to booze? Lots of food.

Dishes offered at each station change every Sunday. There are no nameplates or descriptions to anything on the line, which can be a bit misleading. There's a reason for the mystery though. Shore Club wants its guests to interact with the people making their food and ask questions. Brunch is an interactive experience, after all. Just ask the omelet guy, who had more fun flipping eggs than some of the dudes we saw at the pool party.

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Terrazza at Shore Club

1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Adrianne Davis
Adrianne Davis

Food, booze and pool fun...some of my faves! Ladies, thoughts? Grace Paulino and Katie Castellano?

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