Colony1: Bulk Food Store, Organic Garden, and Vegan Kitchen Coming to Wynwood

Courtesy of Ricardo Trevino
Homemade edibles by the Colony1 team, on display at the Grassroots Music Festival.
Picture this green-living dream: A marketplace where Miamians can buy locally grown produce and bulk goods, then carry them home in reusable containers; a kitchen where locals can learn to cook healthy, vegan meals for themselves and their families; a lush community garden where people can donate time in exchange for a share of fresh produce.

Believe it or not, all of the above is coming to Wynwood.

Known as Colony1, the living building and its lot will serve as a bulk food store, organic garden, and vegan kitchen, among a community classroom and other things. It's the vision of Nando and Blair Jaramillo, the couple behind local nonprofit the Art of Cultural Evolution (ACE).

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By introducing these environmentally friendly edible options, the Jaramillos hope to help reduce the community's waste. Throughout their nationwide tour of the U.S. (on a sustainable school bus), they were struck by the obscene quantity of pointless food packaging thrown away by Americans.

While the final build out is likely still a couple years away (collecting funds takes awhile), the Art of Cultural Evolution is already working on getting the garden going, starting with soil remediation. They're hosting a kick-off event this Saturday to introduce themselves to the neighborhood.

In the past, the Jaramillos have worked with vegan chef Sebastian Schwam, and hope he'll continue with them throughout the new endeavor. The idea is that people will train to cook healthy, vegan food in an on-site kitchen, says Blair Jaramillo.

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Firip Onitsuka
Firip Onitsuka

I feel like the government will shut this down for some stupid reason. It should carry on anway! Agorism!

Stefano Alessio
Stefano Alessio

A fabulous idea by an extraordinary couple Miami is fortunate to have in its midst.


We're part of the Wynwood community and can't wait for this !

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