Embarcadero 41's Peruvian Fusion: Ceviche Samplers and Tiger's Milk Shots

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Photos by Carla Torres
Tiger's milk shots at Embarcadero 41. Meow.
In 2002, Embarcadero 41 opened its first outpost in the ceviche capital of the world, Peru. Twelve years and 12 restaurants later, the Peruvian fusion eatery has embarked on a transatlantic journey and landed in Miami. It's the brand's first outpost in the states and they couldn't have picked a better place. "We had our eyes set on two other locations -- one in Chile -- and abandoned both to come build our presence here," said vice president of operations Jose Carlos Morales.

The restaurant's been soft open for a couple of weeks now and prepping for a grand opening in the end of July. We were invited for a first taste of what Peruvian fusion from authentic Peruvians tastes like.

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Worker bees in downtown will rejoice in having yet another Peruvian addition to the neighborhood. La Granja and Ceviche 105 are the current options, and Embarcadero competes within that same price range. "We chose Miami because of the huge Latin influence here and the fact that we didn't have to come in to a new place and introduce the cuisine," Morales said. "What Ceviche 105 has done in Miami for Peruvian cuisine is impressive."

Ceviche 101
The 150-seat restaurant has a maritime feel, with deep blue booths, sandstone columns, bamboo walls, and a lone patch of grass on one wall. The story of ceviche, lomo saltado, and other classic Peruvian staples are chalked on boards alongside the walls, giving guests a bit of history with their meal.

There's also reading material: It's called the Embarcadero 41 menu, and it's 60 pages. With an introduction and several chapters -- piqueos calientes (hot stuff); piqueos frios (cold stuff); ceviches; tiraditos; al carbon (on the grill); criollo fusion (creole fusion); fish meats and birds; pastas, rice and risottos; tacu tacus and chicharrones, and soups - you won't be bored or hungry.

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Embarcadero 41 Fusion

168 SE First St., Miami, FL

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