Embarcadero 41's Peruvian Fusion: Ceviche Samplers and Tiger's Milk Shots

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Executive chef Carlo Huerta's has taken Peruvian traditions and added his own twist. Order a chupe de camarones (shrimp chowder) laden with white cheese, head on shrimp, beans, and a fried egg, or their signature dish -- a three-cheese tacu tacu. Rice and beans are fried in olive oil and topped with a mountain of seafood and sauce. The whole thing is bound by a three-cheese au gratin.

Ceviche sampler
A triplet of ceviches ($25) is the best way to taste all that Embarcadero has to offer. Rocoto pepper, aji Amarillo and the traditional corvine ceviche with lime juice, cilantro and fresh onions make up this trio.

Maki causa
We see your causa and raise you a maki causa, which stuffs rolled mashed potatoes with crabmeat and drenches it with rocoto pepper cream sauce, toragashi and handashi spices. For Huerta, this is a definite must have for anyone visiting Embarcadero. A full serving costs $10.50.

Tasty tentacles
In the hot appetizer section, the octopus ($10.50) is marinated in panko chili pepper sauce and served alongside sautéed puffed corn and golden potatoes.

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Embarcadero 41 Fusion

168 SE First St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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