Ticety Iced Tea Bar Coming to Coral Gables

Courtesy of Ticety
Ticety Iced Tea Bar opens next week.
Everyone knows that Miami is a coffee-lover's paradise. You can get a solid cafecito in just about any neighborhood. What Miami really lacks is a solid tea presence -- with the exception of Teavana, there aren't a ton of places in South Florida that focus exclusively on tea. European founders Valerie Partigianone, Stephane Weyders, and Damien Ceulemans of Ticety Iced Tea Bar are looking to change that with a new tea lounge opening next week on Miracle Mile.

"Market research shows that people love iced tea, and we wanted to bring it somewhere hot," said France-native Ceulemans. "We fell in love with Coral Gables because it reminds us of a European city."

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Courtesy of Ticety
Pretend you're one with nature. Relax. Drink tea.
The concept behind Ticety is really simple: Ceulemans wants to elevate the process of drinking tea to something beyond just taking a styrofoam cup of tea to go, and infuse authenticity and presentation into every glass.

"It's important for us that the customer is able to watch the tea being made," Ceulemans said. "We want this to be a transparent process so they know what's going inside is simply water, tea leaves, and our passion."

Coffee-lovers should know that there will be none of that on Ticety's menu, nor will there be alcohol or soda. But you shouldn't fret, because tea is really the main event here, and everything on the menu will be organic and natural, with no artificial flavors.

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Ticety Iced Tea Bar

206 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL

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Jessica Ardente
Jessica Ardente

This needs to be on our list of places to check out one weekend Vanessa Nero McDonough!

Vanessa Safie
Vanessa Safie

hmmm an iced tea bar... sounds like you need to check this place out Tom Dub Yeah

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

Dream come true and right around the corner from my office!!!

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