Tapas y Taps: Whole Foods Coral Gables' New Boozy Hangout

Photos by Cassie Glenn
Wine and mac & cheese? Thanks, Whole Foods.
Have you ever walked through Whole Foods and thought, "I really need a drink"? Maybe that feeling comes while perusing their extensive wine selection. Perhaps it hits when your shopping companion won't stop complaining about that awesome soccer match he's missing at home. Well now, there's a spot where you can grab a glass of wine to sip while browsing, send your nagging partner to sit and watch the game while you shop, or simply pop a squat yourself to enjoy the new venue's killer eats and libations any time of day.

Whole Foods Coral Gables' Tapas y Taps is the first of its kind. While other Whole Foods stores have bars serving wine and beer, none serve tapas because, well, none are in Miami.

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Take a load off...and get a little loaded.
With an opening in sync with the start of the World Cup, you can bet Tapas y Taps has become a favorite of nearby workers who step out for lunch coincidentally at the same time as afternoon games. While that tourney will soon be done, the big screen TV will always be showing something. On our particular visit, Travel Channel's Man v. Food was the chosen program.

Paella valenciana
The standard menu offers Spanish favorites like paella valenciana, tortilla espanola, caldo gallego and albondigas en salsa. You'll also find some not-so-traditional bites like black truffle fries, arroz con pollo, and pinchos using feta and brie. Prices range from $2 for an empanada to $10 for dishes like gambas ajillo.

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Whole Foods Market

6701 Red Road, South Miami, FL

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