Threefold Cafe: Aussie Breakfast All Day Long

All photos by Cassie Glenn
This should be your new go-to breakfast.
When Melbourne transplants Teresa and Nick Sharp arrived in Miami, they soon discovered a culinary void. While Cuban tostadas, French croissants, and New York bagels run rampant, authentic Aussie eats are hard to come by.

The couple decided to blend their native city's coffee philosophy with fresh food to hatch Threefold Cafe in Coral Gables. This new spot offers an all-day breakfast menu that's truly unique not only for this area but also for the 305.

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"Where we come from, coffee culture is huge. We missed good coffee and breakfast that's creative," Teresa says. "You eat through your eyes, and we wanted to bring something different to the Gables." The couple teamed up with Colombian co-owner Diana Dubon to open this shop quietly last month, but word is quickly spreading.

The menu features Australian-inspired dishes such as the "Phenomenal Funghi" -- sourdough bread topped with pick-of-the-day mushrooms, black or white truffle oil, goat cheese, parsley, and a squeeze of lemon ($14). Though for breakfast you might not normally eat mushrooms in anything besides an omelet, one bite of this or the "Smashed Avo" might make you reconsider. For the latter, you'll find earthy roasted mushrooms hidden under a decadent layer of creamy avocado. It's unlike any other breakfast dish you've ever tasted and undoubtedly something to try. Both can be topped with a perfectly soft poached egg for an extra $2.

Other unique dishes are the "East in the West" -- a Turkish baked egg in a spiced tomato base with dukkah and sautéed spinach ($16) -- and "Not So French Toast," composed of egg-soaked bread filled with prosciutto, basil, and ricotta ($16). Looking for vegemite? Yes, they have that too. Eggs are produced from happy hens residing at Lake Meadow Naturals, bread is delivered by Zak the Baker, and coffee is straight from Panther.

"Panther Coffee is the best coffee in Miami hands down. The day they roast the coffee is the day we get it," Teresa says. Although not a barista by trade, she, along with all coffee makers at Threefold, has been trained by Panther. That schooling, coupled with equipment she calls "the Maserati of coffee machines," equips them well to brew one of the city's best cups of joe. Ultimately, that is at the top of the café's priority list.

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Threefold Cafe

141 Giralda Ave., Coral Gables, FL

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Alenka Alenkina
Alenka Alenkina

lol, pur thing no one get up in cpral gables before 1pm....its no breakfast culture in miami at all

Haissam Eddie Jaber
Haissam Eddie Jaber

This place was overpriced and not good. One of the worst breakfast experiences I've had in the Gables.

May Erlinger
May Erlinger

Mario Francisco Garcia we're back in December! I would LOVE to

Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez

Vanessa & Juan-Miguel in case you're having withdrawals

Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster

Who eats a pound of guacamole and some uncooked eggs for breakfast? Michelle

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