Five Reasons to Join a CSA for Fall

Courtesy of Tiffany Noé
Everyone knows they should eat local. But when faced with a busy schedule and the convenience of the Publix produce aisle, it can be tough to commit to a locavore lifestyle.

But that's what CSAs are for. Community Supported Agriculture means someone else does your shopping for you and you're supporting local farmers. Now's the time to get on board with a fall share.

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Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noé are the friendly farmers behind Little River Cooperative CSA. While the program is technically going into its fourth season, this year it's bringing some major changes to the efforts of these local purveyors. The two have officially joined forces, so there's room for new members, more produce, and more pick-up locations.

Courtesy Tiffany Noé
"This year joining with Tiffany is going to allow us to have more members," says Olivares. "We're expanding the fields, we're going to be growing more food. We've also decided to start buying produce from Verde Organic Farm in Homestead -- they produce really beautiful crops."

In addition, they've expanded to two pick up locations: The Upper East Side Farmer's Market on Saturdays and the Grove Green Market on Thursdays. "We'll have a pop-up nursery side to the booth and then a vegetable side to the booth," Olivares said.

And if you need additional incentive, here are five reasons to join their CSA for fall:

5. You'll learn a lot. Think of it as a crash course in local produce.
"A lot of CSA members have their own gardens. They buy plants from us and seek advice," Noé said.

Location Info

Upper Eastside Green Market

6447 Northeast 7th Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Jeffrey Lin
Jeffrey Lin

What about the many other CSAs in town?

Stephanie Castro
Stephanie Castro

Robert Edward Snider & Steve Edmonson we need check out this farm in homestead Verde Organic Farms. It the future!!!


 Here's a complete list of the ones running in South Florida (scroll down for Miami):

There are also produce buying clubs which buy certified organic produce to sell at a lower price than grocery stores.

And there are 2 hybrids in Miami. Neither are farmers, but they buy mostly or exclusively from local farmers depending on the week (this is good for really small farmers who don't produce enough to run a CSA or grow only a few crops). 

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