Ikea Hack Ideas for Your Kitchen: Diaper Genie Countertops and Bamboo Stick Knife Stands

Courtesy Ikea Hackers
Since everyone and their mothers can't seem to stop talking about the new Ikea opening up in the Sweetwater/Doral/Unincorporated Dade, we at Short Order are providing you with some helpful Ikea hacks, straight from the DIY gurus at Ikea Hackers. These alternative uses for common Ikea products will not only change the way you look at a diaper genie forever, but will also leave you wondering how much free time some people must have on their hands.

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Courtesy Ikea Hackers
Place Mats Become Backsplash

So you just moved into a new rental, but you can get past the fact the kitchen looks like a mess hall at a North Korean POW camp. Well, just cut up some rubber place mats, glue them to the wall, and you have a geometric backsplash your friends will be envious of.

Courtesy Ikea Hackers
Baby Changing Station Becomes Countertop

This one seems pretty poetic: The same stand made to change soiled diapers is now a surface to bring your culinary fantasies to life. Practical and metaphorical genius all at once.

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orleans topcommenter

All these articles propagandizing Ikea products are unethical on your part to say the least. You need to separate reporting from commercial advertising, and infomercials have no place among bona fide reports or even social commentary and opinion.

Shame on you, Miami New Times!


@orleans  Then, do not go and click on all of these articles. For the better part, do not go into CNN, BBC, FOX, MSNBC, because they all advertise. You know all those news articles about actors, when they suddenly have a new movie coming out? You really think that's just timing? 

Just watch some Rt news then.

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