Design District's Egg & Dart Is Closed

Photo by Laine Doss
Egg & Dart has closed.
The Design District restaurant Egg & Dart has closed.

Outside the restaurant recently, there was no activity during what would be an early dinner service. A blue handwritten sign proclaimed the restaurant "closed," and a rose bush, still chained to the building with a bicycle lock, was wilted and unwatered.

A local chef in the neighborhood confirmed the restaurant had, indeed, closed several weeks ago, very much under the radar. That's a shock in itself considering the city's increasing interest in the dining scene.

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NamedBest Greek Restaurant in 2012 by Miami New Times, the restaurant was a sleek addition to the Design District when it opened in 2011 in the former Q barbecue space.

In a restaurant review, critic Lee Klein called it "a clean, contemporary space with a subtly upscale feel -- a way to dine on Greek food without having to worry about plates being smashed or ouzo-crazed tourists dancing on tables."

The restaurant, named for traditional Greek architectural design, specialized in "rustic Greek" fare such as shrimp saganaki, fried smelts, and lamb in a what partners Costa Grillas and Niko Theodorou called a "hip and modern" setting, leading Short Order's Lesley Elliott to call Egg & Dart "a confusing mashup of Old World flavors beneath a shiny mask of contemporary cool."

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Egg & Dart - CLOSED

4029 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Ken De Loreto
Ken De Loreto

Surprising reading the comments in this thread. Maybe I just always hit Egg & Dart at the right time...many times. I always had a great time at Egg & Dart. The owners were always welcoming and often surprised us with a cocktail. The servers and bartenders were so great, and I'll really miss the Greek Salad Bloody Mary.

Phoebe Pinheiro
Phoebe Pinheiro

Probably because the amount of salt they dumped on all of their dishes.

Bob Newman
Bob Newman

I remember eating there and the owner walking by several times and noticing the delay in getting our food, but he never stopped and said hello, he never asked how we were doing, and when we left he was standing near the front door and never looked up and thanked us for our business.... I couldn't understand a business owner with a big investment not treating his guests better on such a slow rainy day? The food wasn't great, but a little personal attention might have been enough for me to go back, but if he didn't care enough, why should I? There are so many choices in South Florida. For a restaurant to succeed you need good food, great service, and management/owners that really care! If the owners don't care, why should the employees?

Corey Davis
Corey Davis

If a restaurant is able to close for weeks without notice, is it really worth mentioning?

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