Illegal Bakery Pop-Up at Taperia Raca: Cutest Lunch in Town

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Photos by Laine Doss
Mike Mayta and Keily Vazquez: Sweetest couple in town.
Walking in to the Illegal Bakery pop-up at Taperia Raca is sort of like entering a time warp. Frank Sinatra croons on the stereo as an adorable couple in matching old-school soda-jerk-meets-'50s-diner garb greets you upon arrival.

The two, adorned in matching wooden bows (around neck for him, in hair for her), are real-life sweethearts and Illegal Bakery partners Mike Mayta and Keily Vazquez.

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You might know their baked goods from farmers' markets around town. Now the duo has taken over days at the MiMo tapas restaurant to serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks at their Illegal Bakery pop-up.

Mayta tells Short Order that the pop-up came about organically. "We were looking to expand to another commissary or maybe take over a bakery when a mutual friend suggested we discuss doing a pop-up at Taperia Raca. We've known Alex [Casanova] and Giorgio [Rapicavoli] for a while now and the arrangement just felt right."

Mayta, a Johnson & Wales graduate who also works at Proper Sausages, and Vazquez met while working at Michy's, Michelle Bernstein's Upper Eastside establishment. They hit it off immediately. Soon they began baking together, selling their wares at farmers' markets throughout South Florida. "I've always felt a soft spot for baking," Mayta shares, but the couple wanted to take their business one step further without taking too much of a risk. Hence, the pop-up, which runs until at least September. "After that, we'll all sit down and talk about the next step."

Illegal Bakery at Taperia Raca is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Here are some of the treats you can expect to find.

Adorable with an edge.

Quiche of the day is warm and satisfying.

Location Info

Taperia Raca

7010 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Adriana SieteVoltios Perez
Adriana SieteVoltios Perez

Let's all go!!!!! Leo Jessica i had issues tagging Leo as well... A rebel even through social media hahaha trouble maker

Jessica Ardente
Jessica Ardente

Leo, Adriana SieteVoltios Perez I keep a small list! (Leo, I can't tag you!)

Leo Coutinho
Leo Coutinho

Jessica Adriana; really... are we keeping track of all the places we need to go? Whoever is, add this to the list....

Jessica Ardente
Jessica Ardente

Adriana SieteVoltios Perez Leo, I read about this yesterday! Must go!

Milly Otero
Milly Otero

Katalina Viteri I follow them on Instagram :0

Naty Tapia
Naty Tapia

Felicidades!!! @Illegal bakery!!! Tengo que pasar a comprar! Y les deseo mucho éxito!!!

Lou Ce Fur
Lou Ce Fur

Johnson & Wales university representing !!!! (Too bad the university does not give any praise to their alumni) SUCCESS!! SUCCESS !!! Huzzah ! Mikey ! Huzza !

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