As Sugar-Apple Season Starts, There's Another Super Fruit to Try

Photo by Carina Ost
Break it open.
At last Sunday's farmers market on Lincoln Road, our favorite vendor who bags and boxes our bounty of produce broke off a bit of something green and mysterious. It looked like something that dinosaurs would munch on or like their scales.

The piece was white and creamy in the middle, like a soft pear with the graininess of an Asian pear. It reminded us a bit of a lychee without the floral notes and had the same vessel and pull-apart, seed-heavy structure as a pomegranate.

It was a sugar-apple and it was exceptional.

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Photo by Carina Ost
These sugar walls.
This fruit is less known than its other local tropical fruit competition (we are looking at you, mango mania) but it should not be ignored. The season began just two weeks ago, according to our guy at the farmer's market.

The sugar-apple also is known as an anón, because it comes from the annona squamosa tree. And other times you may hear it called a sweetsop or custard apple.

They are milky and they let you know that they are ripe by beginning to separate. So sexy. No need for fancy knife work, just easily pull apart and enjoy. The seeds are quite large, hard, and black and apparently have between 20 to 38 seeds per fruit.

This fruit of the gods doesn't come cheap; at the farmer's market they were priced at $6 per pound.

To learn more, we called the foremost experts in local fruits Robert is Here and spoke to the fortunate son, Brandon.

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