Miami Spice 2014: Ten Best Sunday Brunch Deals

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Laine Doss
Mussels at Il Mulino -- that's just for starters.
What's the difference between brunch and lunch? By definition, "brunch" is a breakfast/lunch combo. To us, the difference is that lunch is usually something we grab on the run to eat at our desk. Lunch "fuels" us.

Brunch, however, is a more relaxed affair. On the weekends, we gather with friends and loved ones after a run or a yoga class, to enjoy a longer, unrushed mid-day meal. Plus, there's usually a mimosa or two involved. To us, it's the reward for another work week successfully maneuvered.

Which brings us to Miami Spice. Although there is no "official brunch" category, there are several fine restaurants offering a $23 three (or more) course daytime feast on Saturdays and Sundays. They can call it "lunch". We'll happily give poetic license to that and call it what it really is -- ten places serving up a great weekend brunch -- Miami Spice-style.

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VVM Locations
Where are the peacocks?
10. Peacock Garden Cafe
Sit in the shaded courtyard of this lovely Coconut Grove restaurant and enjoy the birds in the trees and a brunch that features gazpacho, crab cakes, or prosciutto and fresh pear for starters. Spice entrees include porcini mushroom ravioli, grilled mahi, and sliced beef tenderloin. There are a few dessert choices, but we'll opt for the refreshing fresh fruit sorbets as a cool palate cleanser.

Gorgeous setting for brunch.
9. Juvia
One of the most beautiful restaurants on Miami Beach, Juvia offers your choice of bento boxes for Spice. Choose from Korean (short ribs); tuna; chicken; or vegetarian. Each comes with a starter salad, jasmine rice, and daily sweet, fueling you up for an afternoon of Lincoln Road shopping.

Location Info

Peacock Garden Cafe

2889 McFarlane Road, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant


1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Estiatorio Milos Marketa

730 1st St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Il Mulino

840 First St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Toscana Divino

900 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

L'echon Brasserie

6261 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

5132 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant


4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Tongue & Cheek

431 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Oolite Restaurant & Bar

1661 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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