Mignonette Opens Friday: Oysters, Bubbly, and Pie (Photos)

Photos by Carina Ost
Shuck yeah!

Last night was the friends and family night for the much anticipated Mignonette in Edgewater. This restaurant brought to you from the two most huggable chaps (their preferred term) in the industry, Blue Collar's Danny Serfer and Miami Rankings' Ryan Roman, brings their signature charm.

You will get a chance to try out the food for yourself starting this Friday, but here are some dishes to get excited about. Here, we open up the oyster shell to a new restaurants filled with raw and Rockefeller oysters, brews, popcorn conch, Thanksgiving chicken, champagne, and everything else that straddles the line between "plain" and "fancy" -- the visual representation of this is the famed tuxedo shirts on servers.

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Before you dive into the menu, begin your meal with the House Aperitif ($18). It has a mix of champagne, Banyuls vinegar, candied shallots, and pink peppercorns. You get the bubbles with the acid, touch of sweetness and that surprise burst of pepper for a drink that sets the tone for a fun and unexpected night.

The chaps welcome you.
If you want to know what kind of oyster they have, check the marquee for the main attractions. A single oyster ($3) or a dozen ($30) are accompanied by the namesake mignonette. If you want to get fancy try the oysters Bienville or Rockefeller ($19).

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210 NE 18th St., Miami, FL

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