New Carvel Celebrates Grand Opening With Free Ice Cream

Courtesy of Carvel
Carvel's newest store features a reworked logo and a topping bar.
Long before there was Pinkberry and Häagen-Dazs, Carvel was the place to get an ice-cream cone.

The company, founded in 1934, was the first retail ice-cream franchise in the nation, and if you grew up in New York, your childhood was filled with listening to Tom Carvel's gravelly voice talking about Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss, prompting you to beg your parents to take you for a cone or a Flying Saucer.

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Free Herradura Cocktails at Pride & Joy and Butcher Shop Tonight

Photo by Liz Priore
This could be yours tonight.
Want free tequila? No, that's not a trick question.

Last night, Herradura Tequila invited lovers of booze and art to participate in the second-annual Miami Barrel Head Art program. Three out of five Wynwood bars and restaurants unveiled tequila barrels turned into unique works of art by one of their employees.

Last night's unveiling included Wood Tavern, R House, and Shots Miami. The tequila crawl continues tonight with Pride & Joy and the Butcher Shop as they unveil their artistic talents in a special event including a margarita DYI station, interactive painting, and gratis tequila.

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National Coffee Day Is Monday: Where to Get Free Java

Krispy Kreme
Free Krispy Kreme coffee makes a Monday better.
There's not much that can make a Monday morning much better. After a weekend of too much sun, too many cocktails, and that brunch buffet that you're now regretting (why, oh why, did you go back for thirds?), the alarm clock is screeching and you've got to prepare for five days of monotony with occasional stress breaks.

You're gonna need a cup of Joe!

Luckily, Monday is National Coffee Day. That means that places all around town are celebrating with free coffee, and a surprise or two. Here's where to get your complimentary caffeine fix!

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Petit Hosts Ladies Night With Comp Wine For Women Every Tuesday

Courtesy of Petit Miami
Starting tonight, Petit Miami will begin a new kind of ladies night special that will require you to meet up with your girlfriends more often. Every Tuesday night, tables of ladies with reservations will receive complimentary glasses of wine all-night long with their dinner. Talk about girl power!

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Miami-Dade Residents Can Adopt Two Fruit Trees

Laine Doss
Plant a baby mango tree now. Have mangoes in a few years.
If you had a severe case of mango envy earlier this summer, wishing your home had a tree that produced the sweet, juicy fruit, then all you need is a piece of land and a little patience.

Miami-Dade is holding a tree giveaway on Sunday, September 14, at Miami Dade College's North Campus. From 9 a.m. to noon (rain or shine), homeowners can get their choice of two baby trees, while supplies last.

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IKEA Miami Opens Today: Here's What to Expect (Photos)

Thumbnail image for ikeaopening_online.jpg
Photos by Laine Doss
Jeanette Mendez and Valerie Aguilar camp out for the IKEA Miami grand opening.
Although IKEA Miami doesn't open its doors until 9 a.m. today, already there are hundreds of people in line, some camping out for more than 24 hours.

What inspires such fandom for a furniture store?

It could be the free sofas that the Swedish megastore is giving to the first 39 people in line this morning, or it could be the promise of being part of a "happening" that spans the course of three days and includes giveaways, music, and food samplings.

IKEA spokesperson Joseph Roth says these store openings are so monumental because there are so few of them. "This is only the 39th store we've opened in the U.S. Other outlets open that many in just one metropolitan area."

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Patpong Road Celebrates One Year With Free Drinks This Saturday

Thumbnail image for patpongdarkwall.jpg
Photo by Laine Doss
Don't have plans for Saturday night? Patpong Road, the bar founded by restaurant group 50 Eggs and located above Khong River House, is celebrating its first anniversary with free well and signature Laidee drinks till midnight. Laidee drinks come in a cool plastic bag and mix the Chinese spirit Bye Joe with tropical juices and fruit. The weekend is looking up all of a sudden.

John Kunkel is a man of many restaurants, but Patpong Road was his first foray into the wonderful world of cocktails. Inspired by his travels to Bangkok and its notorious red-light district, Patpong Road has been a favorite among locals this past year. In fact, it was New Times' choice for best new bar.

We chatted with Kunkel about Patpong's first year and its future.

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Nutella Food Truck to Stop at Tropicana Flea Market This Weekend

Courtesy of MSL Group
Nutella's food truck will stop in Miami from August 8 to 10 at Tropicana Flea Market.
Nutella turns 50 years old this year and to celebrate, makers of the hazelnut spread kicked off its half-century anniversary by dispatching its official food truck on a cross-country tour. The treat-bearing truck will make a three-day stop in Miami at the Tropicana Flea Market from August 8 through August 10.

The Spread the Happy truck tour began with a party in New York City, partnering with Dominique Ansel who created the cronut. With each stop, the truck will give away free samples of region-specific food pairings as well as have a chance to get some free swag. Before hitting Miami, the truck visited Tampa and Orlando. Nutella will pair its spread with baguettes and oranges for its Florida stops.

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It's 7-Eleven Day: Free Slurpees for Everyone!

7-Eleven via Facebook
Happy 7-Eleven Day!
Happy July 11.

If you're not familiar with the significance of this particular day, let's remind you. July 11 is the 192nd day of the calendar year. On this day in 1889, Tijuana was founded. Celebrities born on this day include Lil' Kim, Yul Brynner, and Suzanne Vega. It's also the day when you can get a free Slurpee.

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Ikea Bringing Cafecito Truck to Miami: Free Coffee and Furniture Previews

Ikea via Twitter
Ikea: rolling out design ideas and coffee.
Ikea Miami's mega 416,000-square-foot quasi-city opens this summer in West Miami-Dade and the store, known for its Swedish meatballs and easy-on-the-wallet furniture with next-to-impossible names like Sniglar and Magnarp, is introducing itself to Miami by handing out...cafecito.

We kid you not. The Swedish furniture store is rolling out the Ikea cafecito truck for a little "cafecito time" starting Saturday, July 12. Over the next two weeks, the truck will tour Miami, giving out free coffee and a sneak peek of some Ikea furniture.

Which brings us to the big question -- why not just hand out meatballs and lingonberry jam? Or even Swedish Fish?

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