It's 7-Eleven Day: Free Slurpees for Everyone!

7-Eleven via Facebook
Happy 7-Eleven Day!
Happy July 11.

If you're not familiar with the significance of this particular day, let's remind you. July 11 is the 192nd day of the calendar year. On this day in 1889, Tijuana was founded. Celebrities born on this day include Lil' Kim, Yul Brynner, and Suzanne Vega. It's also the day when you can get a free Slurpee.

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Ikea Bringing Cafecito Truck to Miami: Free Coffee and Furniture Previews

Ikea via Twitter
Ikea: rolling out design ideas and coffee.
Ikea Miami's mega 416,000-square-foot quasi-city opens this summer in West Miami-Dade and the store, known for its Swedish meatballs and easy-on-the-wallet furniture with next-to-impossible names like Sniglar and Magnarp, is introducing itself to Miami by handing out...cafecito.

We kid you not. The Swedish furniture store is rolling out the Ikea cafecito truck for a little "cafecito time" starting Saturday, July 12. Over the next two weeks, the truck will tour Miami, giving out free coffee and a sneak peek of some Ikea furniture.

Which brings us to the big question -- why not just hand out meatballs and lingonberry jam? Or even Swedish Fish?

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Trade Tweets for Cocktails at Broken Shaker's Mandarine Napoléon Event

Courtesy Mandarine Napoleon
This lovely cocktail can be yours for a mere tweet.
Twitter, the microblogging site that serves both as a communication tool and a way for drunk celebrities to implode, is as important a function on our phones as the ability to dial a number to most of us.

After showing your love to Twitter, it now wants to reciprocate by buying you a round of drinks at the Broken Shaker.

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Haute Dining to Debut in Miami: Learn About Membership Over Free Bites at Red the Steakhouse Tonight

Voice Places
Red the Steakhouse
Groupon. Living Social. Deal Chicken. Voice Daily Deals. With so many online deal programs, you have to break down the massive list into categories to even tell them apart. Now, Miami restaurant lovers can join the money-saving club with a new program called Haute Dining, the brainchild of Buzzy Sklar, founder of Burger & Beer Joint and Automatic Slim's and creator of the app Epicurator.

Haute Dining is a membership program curated by Miami locals including Christopher Todd, who was involved in launching the old-school coupon-based membership program Entrainment Book, and Kevin Frija, who recently resigned as CEO at Vapor Corp. (one of the first e-cig companies) to concentrate on this project.

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Patpong Road Celebrates Best Of Win: Free Laidee Drinks This Weekend

Courtesy Patpong Road
Free Laidee Drinks. Celebrate that!
Patpong Road is the infamous Bangkok night market and red light district. There, you'll find an assortment of delights at your disposal. We're talking everything from a meal, to a drink, to the company of a beautiful woman. These ladies traditionally ask "gentleman callers" to buy them a drink for which they receive a small commission. These cocktails are known as "lady drinks" or "laidee drinks."

The Patpong Road on South Beach recreates "most" of Bangkok's district. For instance, while there are no "ladies" vying for your company, there are Laidee Drinks -- a potent blend of the Chinese spirit Bye Joe, tropical juices, and fruit -- all served in a plastic bag. The Laidee drink, as well as the retro-cool Thailand-meets-Miami vibe (here, Michael Jackson will forevermore be on the top 40 playlist) and cocktails like the Long Thailand Iced Tea won the lounge the title of Miami's Best New Bar in our annual Best Of edition.

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National Doughnut Day: Get a Free Krispy Kreme Today

Photo by Scott Ableman | Flickr CC
Get your free doughnut today.
You might think Independence Day is the only summer holiday, but you would be so, so wrong.

The first Friday in June (which happens to be today) is a sweet and hole-y summer holiday -- National Doughnut Day. Sure, there may be no barbecues, burgers, and hot dogs to look forward to or any swinging parties or backyard soirees thrown to celebrate National Doughnut Day, but there's something even better.

Krispy Kreme, arguably every local's favorite doughnut shop, is giving away doughnuts to celebrate this most doughy of days.

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Win $100 Duffy's Tab to Watch Heat Win Eastern Conference Finals UPDATED

Courtesy of Duffy's
This could be you with $100 tab.
Our Miami Heat did some work against the Indian Pacers in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals, closing out the game 90 to 102. We are just one game away from making it to the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive time in a row, and that game is tonight.

To celebrate, Duffy's is giving a $100 bar tab to one Short Order reader to cash in on their recently renovated pool deck. The revamped pool deck is equipped with lounge-style seating, vivid lighting, and tropical tiki torches. The bar tab is good for Game Six, this Friday, May 30, at the North Miami Beach location. If for any reason the Heat don't make it to Game Six, the tab will be honored during the first game of the NBA Finals. To win, just tell us why the Heat will beat the Pacers in the comments below. Be sure to include a valid email address or Twitter handle so we can contact you. We'll pick our favorite answer and announce it by Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

We talked to senior general manager Mark Wampole about the new deck, why Duffy's is the number one spot for game time, how they prepare for game nights, and what special surprises they're rolling out for the finals.

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Free Steak at Beer 360's Grand Opening Today

Gyorgy Papp/Papp Photography
Get your steak on -- for free.
You've heard about deals that involve complimentary coffee, doughnuts, and even ice cream. This deal has some real meat on its bones.

Beer 360, a new craft beer bar that offers Brazilian picanha steak and 360 kinds of beer, is celebrating its grand opening today, Wednesday, May 21 -- with free steak.

The restaurant is offering free three-ounce portions of its picanha steak, served tableside in mini brick furnace ovens to anyone who comes in -- no purchase necessary.

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A Taste of Haiti: Food, Music, Culture

The Real Haiti
Cassava-crusted snapper

While most of us in Miami have grown up on a steady stream of Cuban fare, the delights and taste infusions of Haitian food are harder to come by. That's a shame, because a good Haitian meal has many of the staples we love--beans and rice, fried plantains, goat, pork--plus bold hits of African and French influences.

If you're curious and looking to expand your palate, The Haitian Culinary Alliance will be offering up food, drinks, music, and more at the 2nd annual Taste of Haiti event this Saturday.

"We felt the need for an event like this event," says Alain Lemaire, chef and co-organizer of ToH. "There's nothing in the U.S. that is geared toward Haitian food and we thought it was something we could do as far as uplifting our culture."

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Get a Free Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Monday

Bernarddd via CC
Don't act like your eyes don't glaze over when you see the neon "Hot Now" sign.
Krispy Kreme is offering a BOGO deal as a way to recognize everyday heroes such as teachers, firemen, and Stephen Colbert.

On Monday, you get 12 free glorious, sticky, glazed delights when you buy a dozen ($8.49) during Krispy Kreme's "Hero Appreciation Day."

Though Krispy Kreme opened way back in 1937, the chain has kept up with the times. Glaze guzzlers are invited to "join the conversation" Monday by using #heroappreciationday and mentioning the company on Twitter @krispykreme.

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