Wine By the Bay in Downtown Miami: Taste Wines From Around the World

Photo by Cassie Glenn
It's hard to capture Stefano Campanini's attention for more than a couple minutes. As owner of Downtown Miami's Wine By the Bay, he has a passion for the product and a charming Italian demeanor that have earned him many fans who continually wave as they walk by or stop in to say hello and grab a bottle on the way to a dinner party. They trust his opinion, fine-tuned during years of travel and study, and have come to rely on what he believes is one of the few mom-and-pop stores in the area.

The small staff of four jokingly refers to the job title as P.D., Professional Drinker. With just a brief conversation, you realize that each of them truly knows their stuff. Tasting upwards of 150 wines a week, they have a grasp on every bottle in the store and can help you make the best choice.

While Wine by the Bay boasts an impressive selection ranging in price from $11.95 to $2000+, it also offers weekly tastings to educate the public on wines from around the world. These events include plenty of vino, good company and a few tasty bites.

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Best of Miami 2014 Readers' Poll: Nominate Your Favorites Now

Categories: Best of Miami

The 27th annual Best of Miami issue is in the works and all over Miami, New Times writers are diligently searching for the newest, shiniest, and most unique people, places, and things to share with you, our readers.

Each year, our Best Of issue has a signature theme. This year, we're channeling Grand Theft Auto, Pac Man and Frogger with a "Game On" feel, so get your competitive side moving.

Best of Miami celebrates our city and the most wonderful restaurants, clubs, shops, and services in our neighborhood. And, it's huge -- with over 300 different categories ranging from best burger to best gun shop!

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Ten Reasons North Beach Is Miami's Best Dining Neighborhood

Carina Ost
Yoyo because YOLO!

If you want fine dining, try another neighborhood. For reasonably priced Latin American fare with a beach setting, head to North Beach. Between the trendiness and overpriced hotel restaurants of South Beach and ritzy Bal Harbour lies this unassuming neighborhood.

Others might scoff that North Beach is a dining dead zone, I have found wonderful carb-filled grub, secret patio dining, beer gardens, free buffets, and more that make this area tops. What follows are the official top ten reasons.

Note: Although North Bay Village's marvelous Sushi Deli isn't in North Beach, I am including Normandy Isle eateries because they are still part of the city of Miami Beach.

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Miami's Ten Most Unusual French Fries

Carina Ost
Fries gone wild.
The term "French fries" may refer to elongated pieces of fried potatoes, but it can mean so much more. You can have them straight, curly, fat, thin, sweet, garlicky or crinkle cut. Although the options don't end there.

This is Miami, we like our papas accessorized, blinged out. We have them fried in duck fat, served extra spicy, replaced with veggies and even topped with hunks of meat.

Grab some ketchup as we attempt to make every day fry day with our list of fries gone wild.

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Miami's Five Most Outrageous Burgers

Carina Ost
Plantain buns.
When it comes to meat stuffed between buns, Miami has it all.

In the past, we've shared our picks for the city's top ten burgers. We even found the most expensive one -- it's $65. But now, it's time to think beyond the bun.

Grab some napkins: What follows are the five most outrageous burgers in Miami.

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Ten Best Lunch Specials Under $10

Carina Ost
Barbecue pork, fried rice, and an egg roll for under ten bucks. You're welcome.
Lunch is your afternoon delight, your hump meal, the moment that sets the tone for the second half of your day.

It's not something that should be taken lightly or skipped. And most important, during the workweek, it should never cost more than $10.

What follows are the top ten lunch specials in Miami, so you can keep your stomach full and your wallet a little fatter.

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Top 15 Restaurants Reviewed in 2013

Categories: Best of Miami

Barbecue indoors, eat tongue, and down kimchi at Gabose in Lauderhill.
'Twas the year of chicharrón tacos and bacon-wrapped quail eggs, a time of fried alligator and pan-seared frogs' legs... Alright, enough poetry: Last year was a good year for eating, so now it's time to give thanks.

2013, thank you for the barbecued beef tongue at Gabose; the ridiculously delicious burger at the Cypress Room; the perfect yet pricey pizza at Lucali; the messy croque-monsieur at Frenchie's Diner; and the Everglades gumbo at Box Park. (May it rest in peace.)

What follows are the top 15 restaurants reviewed in 2013.

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Miami's Ten Best Soups

Categories: Best of Miami

Carina Ost
Uzbek soup.
Soup isn't the obvious choice in Miami, a city that runs on sunshine year-round. But every now and then, the temperature dips below the seventies and we get the urge to put on a scarf and slurp a delicious bowl of soup.

That's why we've listed the top soups in town.

So if you need to feed your soul, cold, or throat, we've got you covered.

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Miami's Top Ten Hidden Gems

Categories: Best of Miami

Jacob Katel
Lunch in a Japanese market, anyone?
These places aren't made for out-of-towners.

They're made for Miamians. And that's why we keep them a secret. We take our family, perhaps a friend or a date. But that's it. We don't want these places disrupted by rowdy crowds.

What follows are the top ten hidden gems in Miami.

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Miami's Top Ten Wackiest Sushi Rolls

Categories: Best of Miami

Carina Ost
The heat is on a roll.
Miami, you take food fusions to a whole other level.

You have pastelito hamburgers, sweet plantain ice cream, and Chinese bao buns stuffed with lechón asado. But you're even crazier when it comes to sushi.

What follows are the top ten wackiest sushi rolls in Miami. In this list, you'll find bagels, chicharrón, ceviche, and plantain-stuffed sushi. So grab your chopsticks and dig in.

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