Ten Best Dinners Under $15 in Miami

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Don't fear the dinner bill at OTC.
The economy is improving, but let's face it -- the recovery has yet to hit the young, urban demographic. It's a constant struggle out there, made no easier by the desire to treat your date to the standard weekend dinner out on the town. Between valet, drinks, appetizers, mains, dessert, and tip, the whole affair can work quite a number on your already-tight wallet. Never fear, for Short Order is here to give you the rundown of the best places to dine out on a budget without sacrificing ambiance.

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Miami's Ten Best Underrated Restaurants

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Ratatouille is reinvented at Nemesis.
Like most people, Miamians are drawn to shiny, new restaurants. Sure, there are gems in obvious places, but we're here to highlight the lesser-known spots -- the places without big-name publicists and trendy menus. They simply serve great food.

Here are the ten best restaurants that consistently serve the tastiest eats in town that you've probably overlooked.

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Ten Best Sandwiches in Miami

Photo by Carina Ost
Crabby melt.
Something about meat and condiments shoved between two pillowy slices of bread does it every time. Sandwiches are worthy of love sonnets and dying words. They can even unite the world.

"All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich," says our favorite fictional foodie, Liz Lemon. We hold that notion as our core universal unifier, and in the spirit of the late, great Warren Zevon, "Enjoy every sandwich."

Without further ado -- soft French roll, please -- we present the ten best sandwiches in Miami.

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Miami's Six Best Blood-and-Guts Dishes: From Veal Kidney to Pig Stomach

Courtesy of Flickr
Conventional forms of meat consumption are so passe in our post-Andrew Zimmern world. Ever since Bizarre Foods hit the airwaves, budding foodies have been trying to outdo one another in the consumption of exotic and stomach-churning meals. Along with insect larvae and durian, offal (a euphemism for organs, glands, and innards usually discarded during butchery) has returned to the culinary scene.

While they might not be the most attractive proteins, these overlooked delicacies are often staples of cultures around the world. Here are some of Miami's best blood-and-guts dishes, lovingly prepared and served for your gluttonous consumption.

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Ten Best Chicken & Waffles in Miami

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Courtesy of Yardbird
Everybody likes chicken and waffles. How could you not? This dish is having a moment, with good reason. The perfect combination of savory and sweet means you don't have to choose one over the other. In the past couple of years, we've seen this duo pop up in brunches all over town and even claim its proper place on several menus. The soul food staple has origins in Harlem circa 1938, when Wells Supper Club gave gospel singers and jazz performers who'd missed out on dinner but didn't quite want breakfast the best of both worlds.

Two regulars at Wells -- Herb Hudson and Gladys Knight -- couldn't get enough, so they decided to open institutions dedicated to the fried bird and square piece of dough. If you've been to L.A or Atlanta, you know that ordering chicken and waffles is a religious affair. At Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, the name says it all. On the East Coast, Gladys and Ron's Chicken and Waffles boasts a line out the door every day beginning at 9 a.m.

Miami isn't so far behind. Lines out the door at a few places can be attributed to chicken and waffles. What follows are the top ten places where sweet meets savory.

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Why Wynwood Is Miami's Best Dining Neighborhood

Photo by Carla Torres
Wynwood, why you so cool? Even in this scorching summer heat, you keep us refreshed with all of your laid-back bars that don't overcharge for drinks. When I've gone over my limit and need something to sober me up on the weekends, you stay up late like a doting mom and comfort me with shroom buns and pillows of corn bursting with chicken salad and avocado. And on weekday morning, just the aroma of your freshly roasted coffee beans gets my creative juices flowing.

Sure, you're still growing and developing, but I think you've come a pretty long way. You have a vibrant personality, you are prolific in art, you are particular about what you eat, and you are a beer snob. You even make your own bread. One might say you're the ultimate hipster. But you know better than to label yourself anything, which is why you've got all of these great nicknames -- the Arts District, Wynwood, Midtown, Edgewater.

All of which together make up the best dining neighborhood in Miami. Here are more than ten reasons why.

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11 Restaurants We're Looking Forward to in 2014

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Courtesy Mignonette
Coming soon.
It happens every year. The minute your hangover subsides from New Year's Eve, it's already July. With half the year gone, we decided to look forward to some of the restaurants that are coming up -- mostly in the fall.

We're not listing restaurants that don't have a 2014 opening date, which is why notables such as Michael Schwartz's restaurant and beach club at Paraiso Bay and SLS Brickell's host of offerings -- like the Bazaar by José Andrés, Katsuya, and Michael Schwartz's restaurant -- didn't make the list.

Here are the restaurants we're most looking forward to in 2014. Start making reservations now.

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Patpong Road Celebrates Best Of Win: Free Laidee Drinks This Weekend

Courtesy Patpong Road
Free Laidee Drinks. Celebrate that!
Patpong Road is the infamous Bangkok night market and red light district. There, you'll find an assortment of delights at your disposal. We're talking everything from a meal, to a drink, to the company of a beautiful woman. These ladies traditionally ask "gentleman callers" to buy them a drink for which they receive a small commission. These cocktails are known as "lady drinks" or "laidee drinks."

The Patpong Road on South Beach recreates "most" of Bangkok's district. For instance, while there are no "ladies" vying for your company, there are Laidee Drinks -- a potent blend of the Chinese spirit Bye Joe, tropical juices, and fruit -- all served in a plastic bag. The Laidee drink, as well as the retro-cool Thailand-meets-Miami vibe (here, Michael Jackson will forevermore be on the top 40 playlist) and cocktails like the Long Thailand Iced Tea won the lounge the title of Miami's Best New Bar in our annual Best Of edition.

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Miami New Times Best Of Celebration: It Was the Best of Times (Photos)

Categories: Best of Miami

All photos by Laine Doss
Dancing to the backdrop of a Miami Skyline...and Mortal Kombat
Yesterday's late afternoon thunderstorm might have looked threatening, but by the time last night's Best Of celebration at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne started, there was a rainbow framing the Brickell skyline.

Hundreds of people came out to celebrate our annual Best Of edition -- which itself celebrates the people and places of Miami (how meta)!

Friends and fans of Miami New Times helped themselves to a giant buffet featuring fresh seafood, drank cocktails made with premium spirits, and played Ms. PacMan on a giant screen. Now, that's a good time!

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Best of Miami 2014: Ten Boozy Winners

Categories: Best of Miami

The 2014 edition of Best of Miami is live, and it's filled with 320 of our favorite restaurants, bars, shops, and people.

Although we love everything about Miami (especially its restaurants), you know what we really love? The booze.

From the perfect bloody mary to the top new bar, Best of Miami 2014 celebrates all manner of boozy delights. Here are ten of our favorites to start the weekend.

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