Ten Best Places to Hook Up on Valentine's Day

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Courtesy of Whole Foods
Love happens.
If there's one night of the year when you don't mind making out with a virtual stranger or giving up that cold pillow, Valentine's Day is it.

If I had a dollar for every time a guy has taken me to the Room, I could buy the place. So don't go to the obvious or borderline-creepy spots on V-Day. Eliminate places that blatantly scream, "I'm trying to get laid and I'm not afraid to show it." In other words, skip Prime 112.

Instead, go for the subtle and endearing places that will do and say what you can't and won't hold you back from being yourself.

Whether you're trying to close the deal, pick up something fresh, or find your soul mate, we've rounded up the ten best dining establishments where love (or lust) will most likely happen.

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Miami's Best Food Instagrams

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Photo by billwisserphoto.com
Do you follow Antonio Bachour on Instagram?
Ever scroll down Instagram and suddenly get the urge to eat your phone? You're either (a) tripping on mushrooms, (b) an avid foodie who gets the gastronomic news through the visual social-media platform, or (c) both. Well, maybe you should put the phone down so you don't wind up with it in your stomach.

What follows is the best food porn on Instagram, a mélange from the city's top bloggers and chefs who eat (duh), sleep, and breathe food. Warning: If you're hungry, licking your screen won't help.

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Miami's Best "Ten Best" Lists of 2014: From Chicken and Waffles to Cheap Meals to Sandwiches

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Photo by Carina Ost
Behold the best sandwich in Miami.
As 2014 winds down, it's a good time to look back at the ten best "Ten Best" lists we've shared over the past year.

These lists, by the way, are not popularity contests. We do not solicit "votes" from social media. Generally, Short Order writers share their favorite places in our weekly editorial meetings, which serve as a hothouse for new ideas. Most of the lists are borne from these sessions. And, yes, the writers (collectively as a team or individually) have experienced all of these restaurants and dishes firsthand.

These lists are popular, sure, but we also get our fair share of people who call us out for not including their absolute favorite burgers or sandwiches or restaurants. When you're doing a list of ten, unfortunately, some dishes will be left out. That's not to say that we don't hear our readers. In fact, many times we'll discover new favorite restaurants to write about from the comments section.

With that in mind, here are our ten favorite lists from 2014. Whether you're new to Miami, visiting for the holidays, or are a native, we hope these will whet your appetite for discovering new places and revisiting old favorites.

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Miami's Ten Best Restaurants Reviewed in 2014

Oolite's fried green tomato arepa.
For Miami dining, 2014 was the year of simplicity. There was, as has long been the case, the onslaught of celebrity chefs planting their flags on our shores. But beyond these big names, homegrown culinary talent continued to boil down cuisine into its simplest, most delicious form.

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Ten Best Wynwood Restaurants

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Photo by Carla Torres
Food is everywhere in Wynwood.
There's no denying it: Wynwood is becoming a food mecca.

Turn back the clock a decade, though, and there was virtually nowhere to grab a bite besides Enriqueta's. Joey's changed that in 2008, when Tony Goldman saw a gourmet future for the neighborhood.

Today, Wynwood is the place to go for the city's best coffee (Panther), bread (Zak the Baker), and pies (Fireman Derek's), with countless options to imbibe after the workday. Slowly but surely, Miami's arts district is putting as much emphasis on food and drink as it does on graffiti. And there are no signs of slowing. Come February, Brad Kilgore (unquestionably one of the best chefs in Miami) will open Alter in the heart of Wynwood, further developing and educating the area's maturing palate.

In honor of next week's Art Basel and the herds of people that will walk the streets looking to get their grub on, we rounded up the ten best restaurants in Wynwood. (Warning: We took some liberties, allowing restaurants on the perimeter to make this list. Hell, Art Basel has spread, so why can't Wynwood?)

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Miami's Ten Best Diners: Where Grease Is King

Photo by Ruhrfisch via Wikimedia Commons
Miami diners are few and far between, though there are some standouts.
Despite the number of Northeastern transplants in Miami, the choice in Miami diners is slim. They are places to get a pizza burger, super crispy French fries hidden under a mound of greasy industrial cheese, or a solid plate of hash browns and over-easy eggs. A few are sprinkled across town, though in many ways they play second fiddle to the cafeterias, fritangas, and endless ventanitas that are nestled into nearly every strip mall.

In some cases, ethnic places are Miami's version of the greasy spoon with similarly comforting, cheap, and hearty food based on a slightly different basket of ingredients. Nevertheless, it is those places where waitresses with wide smiles slam plates of glistening patty melts onto the table. Here are the best.

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Ten Best Hotel Restaurants in Miami

Photo by Carina Ost
'Petta pasta.
As tourist season heats up, things in the kitchens of our favorite hotels get even hotter. Most of our city's best chefs are involved in hotel restaurants: Michael Schwartz has one at the Raleigh in South Beach, and Michelle Bernstein will soon open Seagrape at the Thompson in North Beach. On top of that, Miami imports the world's best restaurants and restaurateurs to its hotels, and the game is always changing.

Favorites like J&G Grill are in flux, while the Vagabond Restaurant is previewing its menu while getting ready to open its doors.

Here are the ten best hotel restaurants where you can get a great dinner and stay the night. These eateries can do for your stomach what magic fingers in a cheap motel can do for your back.

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Ten Best Dinners Under $15 in Miami

Photo by billwisserphoto.com
Don't fear the dinner bill at OTC.
The economy is improving, but let's face it -- the recovery has yet to hit the young, urban demographic. It's a constant struggle out there, made no easier by the desire to treat your date to the standard weekend dinner out on the town. Between valet, drinks, appetizers, mains, dessert, and tip, the whole affair can work quite a number on your already-tight wallet. Never fear, for Short Order is here to give you the rundown of the best places to dine out on a budget without sacrificing ambiance.

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Miami's Ten Best Underrated Restaurants

Photo by billwisserphoto.com
Ratatouille is reinvented at Nemesis.
Like most people, Miamians are drawn to shiny, new restaurants. Sure, there are gems in obvious places, but we're here to highlight the lesser-known spots -- the places without big-name publicists and trendy menus. They simply serve great food.

Here are the ten best restaurants that consistently serve the tastiest eats in town that you've probably overlooked.

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Ten Best Sandwiches in Miami

Photo by Carina Ost
Crabby melt.
Something about meat and condiments shoved between two pillowy slices of bread does it every time. Sandwiches are worthy of love sonnets and dying words. They can even unite the world.

"All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich," says our favorite fictional foodie, Liz Lemon. We hold that notion as our core universal unifier, and in the spirit of the late, great Warren Zevon, "Enjoy every sandwich."

Without further ado -- soft French roll, please -- we present the ten best sandwiches in Miami.

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