Terrapin Brewmaster Taps Rare Midnight Monk Cask at Kush Monday

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Terrapin via Facebook
Terrapin's brewmaster heads to Kush.
Terrapin, the turtle-themed brewery that hails from Athens, Georgia, is a consistent hit with beer fans. The craft brewery's beers have won numerous awards at the U.S. Open Beer Championship, Carolina Championship of Beers, and the Bramwell Oktoberfest, for their drinkability.

Terrapin is also known for its special releases and barrel-aged beers, many of them rare finds not readily available in Miami. On Monday, August 25 at 6 p.m., Terrapin co-founder and brewmaster Spike Buckowski will be behind the bar at Kush to tap some rare kegs and share some special hard-to-find Terrapin selections.

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Todd Erickson Talks Beer, Hosts Ommegang Pairing Dinner at Haven

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Laine Doss
Todd Erickson breaking out the beer at Haven.
While it is better known for inventive cocktails than craft beer, Haven South Beach is catering to lovers of brew with its upcoming beer pairing dinner.

Executive chef Todd Erickson will collaborate with Brewery Ommegang for the dinner on Tuesday, August 26, at 7 p.m. The affair will offer 30 guests the opportunity to taste chef Erickson's summery menu, paired with the brewery's Belgian style ales, all crafted in Cooperstown, New York (home of the Baseball Hall of Fame).

Chef Erickson said the idea for the dinner came about when Haven revamped their beer menu, adding Ommegang's Three Philosophers to the roster of craft brews. "With us being a gastrolounge, we thought, why not do a beer pairing. Ommegang is a great brewery, and it was a chance to do a summer pairing with all these braised summer dishes. I mean, who doesn't like beer?"

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Patpong Road Celebrates One Year With Free Drinks This Saturday

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Photo by Laine Doss
Don't have plans for Saturday night? Patpong Road, the bar founded by restaurant group 50 Eggs and located above Khong River House, is celebrating its first anniversary with free well and signature Laidee drinks till midnight. Laidee drinks come in a cool plastic bag and mix the Chinese spirit Bye Joe with tropical juices and fruit. The weekend is looking up all of a sudden.

John Kunkel is a man of many restaurants, but Patpong Road was his first foray into the wonderful world of cocktails. Inspired by his travels to Bangkok and its notorious red-light district, Patpong Road has been a favorite among locals this past year. In fact, it was New Times' choice for best new bar.

We chatted with Kunkel about Patpong's first year and its future.

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Three Boozy Lemonade Recipes For Your Weekend Picnic

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Courtesy of Stoli
Refreshing and buzzy.
Have you been outside? It's freaking hot out there. The only thing August in Miami is good for is sitting on a beach or your backyard and having an ice cold lemonade. Or a cocktail. Or both.

There's really nothing better than a cold glass of tart, sweet lemonade. Unless, of course, you spike it. That's when the party really starts. And, since the weekend forecast promises to continue to be steamy, we suggest making a pitcher or two of these boozy lemonades, created by mixologist and brand ambassador David Brogan.

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Bartender Louis Salgar Remembered With Events, Special Coin

All photos and artwork courtesy of Nicole Salgar
Louis Salgar is remembered in a special coin.
On June 23, the tightknit Miami bartending community was rocked by the brutal killing of one of its own.

Louis Salgar, who was both a bartender and a talented musician, was fatally shot at his Upper East Side home. A few weeks later, 51-year-old Raul Reinosa (AKA Reinoso Martinez) was arrested in St. Augustine, after fleeing the scene in a stolen Honda. Reinosa is facing burglary and murder charges.

Just two months after the tragic event, Louis' sister, Nicole Salgar is keeping the memory of her brother alive through music, cocktails, and art.

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Better Days in Brickell: '70s Playboy Mags and Ouija

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Last week, Better Days had its grand opening. We stopped by to scope out Brickell's first pop-up bar concept but didn't last two minutes after walking inside and noticing the A/C was broken. The good news: There were more people than we cared to count.

Round two proved much more successful, cold even -- a good thing for Miami's sultry summer. The bar, somewhat disguised as a vintage shop, wasn't nearly as full, which we liked. Though there's nothing speakeasy about it, it does exude a certain level of coolness.

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OTC Restaurant, Abbey Brewing Company Introduce Growlers

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Photo by Michael Sullivan
Growler fever is catching on in Miami. The Abbey Brewing Company will soon receive its own branded growler and OTC Restaurant started using them August 12.

At OTC, a one-time fee of $10 (not including the cost of the beer) buys a OTC growler filled with beer, plus unlimited cleanings at the restaurant.

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National Rum Day: Make the Sailor Jerry and Win a Brunch for You and Ten Friends

Carla Torres
No vodka? No problem
Saturday is National Rum Day, which means you've got a whole lotta celebrating to do. So where do you begin to commemorate America's first spirit? How about by swapping out your traditional bloody mary for a Jerry Mary. Allow us to explain.

You see, there was this navy man named Norman Collins, who also went by the nickname "Sailor Jerry." Sailor Jerry had a fascination with Asia and the Far East, as well as all its culture and imagery. So naturally, he became a tattoo artist and opened a tattoo shop in Honolulu, inking hordes of fighting men who'd just paid their dues to the country they loved. Like most sailors, he also liked to drink a lot of rum.

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The Drawing Room: Albert Trummer to Bring "Cocktail Prescriptions" to South Beach

Courtesy of Albert Trummer
Albert Trummer is taking his talents to the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach.
Albert Trummer's Drawing Room Bar & Lounge is scheduled to open at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach in October. The lounge, along with Morimoto South Beach, is destined to put the resort on Miami's culinary map.

Trummer, an Austrian-born mixologist, has worked with some of the best chefs, including David Bouley and Geoffrey Zakarian, and opened New York hot spots Apotheke and Theater Bar. The "apotheker" also opened Drogerie, a mad scientist's lab of libations at the Albion Hotel in SoBe last year. Drogerie has closed, with an announcement on its Facebook page that "Trummer's Drogerie Pharmacy Bar MIAMI is moving to a new Beach location this summer!!!"

Drawing Room's concept of "ancient remedy meets modern mixology" sounds similar to his Drogerie concept of elixirs shaken by bartenders in lab coats, but the new space will be grander.

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Rum Renaissance Cruise Offers Seven Spirited Days at Sea

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Courtesy of Robert Burr
Join the Burrs for a drink in the Caribbean.
Once upon a time, the islands of the Caribbean were filled with dread pirates who drank rum by day and pillaged villages at night.

Now the islands of the Caribbean are filled with tourists who tan by day and drink rum at night.

In all seriousness, rum is a huge industry for the small island nations that make up the Caribbean. Nearly every island has its own rums, sourced from sugar cane, the king crop of colonial times. Some are as smooth and sweet as fine brandy, while others can best be described as firewater. How to navigate all these expressions and terroirs?

On a recent whirlwind visit to several islands to tour distilleries, there were car or scooter rentals to negotiate and twisting mountain roads to navigate before happening upon the destination. Best to leave the legwork to an expert.

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