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Last Call Pub Crawl
You gotta crawl before you can walk!
When was the past time you were on a pub crawl? It's kind of an awesome way to spend the evening, but the problem is that someone has to map out the bars in advance... unless you let someone else do it.

Last Call Pub Crawls have done the legwork for you, setting up itineraries in some of Miami's booziest neighborhoods so all you have to do is show up and imbibe!

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Khong River House's Gin and Tonic: No Longer for Dads and Sorority Girls

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Laine Doss
The gin and tonic: No longer your dad's drink.
The first cocktail I ever had was a gin and tonic. I was 14 (no judgments) and slipped into a bar in Queens with my "older" date. When he asked me what I wanted to drink, my knee-jerk reaction was to rattle off what I had seen my father order many times before -- a gin and tonic.

I took a sip from the plastic cup with a sad piece of lime floating inside and prepared for a burn or some horrible experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the drink tasted slightly sweet, a little bitter, and completely unremarkable. Which is how most gin and tonics still are described, I suppose.

Long relegated to being the drink of sorority sisters and dads, the gin and tonic gets a bad rap -- mainly because the typical way to make one is to pour whatever gin is lying around into a highball, then add some (probably flat) tonic, and finish it off with a squeeze of juiceless lime. It's a shame, because the gin and tonic is a fantastic cocktail for Miami weather.

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BuzzBar Boozy Ice-Cream Treats: Try Them Free During Miami Music Week

Courtesy BuzzBar
There's a buzz on the bus.
If you plan to hit the beach this weekend for one of Ultra's satellite parties, you're in for a warm time. Not to worry, because BuzzBar is there to cool you off.

BuzzBar is a new line of alcohol-infused ice-cream and sorbet bars. It's like being a kid again -- only with bourbon or rum or cognac.

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"Medical Mixologist" Ryan Pafford Creates Cocktails That Will Make Your Head Spin

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Catch Miami
Medical mixologist Ryan Pafford.
When you tend bar at a restaurant where the kitchen is helmed by Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, it can be difficult to stand out, but Catch Miami mixologist Ryan Pafford uses his experience as a health professional to create mind-blowing cocktails sure to attract attention.

Pafford has a graduate degree in neuroscience, so it makes sense that three of his signature cocktails are the cerebra ($16), the synapse ($15), and the diffusion ($15). Though he's a clinical research coordinator during the day, he's no stranger to the biz. His brother is a renowned chef in Hawaii, and Pafford worked as a line cook and sous-chef before becoming a bartender just last year.

You might be wondering why someone with a master's degree in neuroscience would choose to tend bar. "While I had always been intrigued by mixology, I spent ten years cooking different cuisines in restaurants from Indiana to Lake Tahoe and even Maui," Pafford explains. "After completing graduate school in New England and moving to Miami, I was seeking an exciting new way to repay my large student loans. A bartending position seemed like a natural transition that would allow me to challenge myself while making ends meet."

Follow the jump for the Virginia native's synapse cocktail recipe and tips on catching a bartender's attention.

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Sud Swap: Trade Beer at Gramps Tomorrow

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Courtesy of Matt Smith
Saugatuck Brewing Company Neapolitan Milk Stout: not sold in this market but will be available to try at Sud Swap March 22.
Receiving the much anticipated box of bottle share in the mail after several months of waiting last summer was a relief to Arwen Lehman, but when she pried it open, there was nothing but broken glass and spoiled beer. It was a beer trade gone bad.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Lehman, a member of the Craft Brewjas, and the fellows from Miami Beer Tour, will be on a panel to talk about the business of beer trading as part of an organized bottle trading event at Gramps on March 22 from 2 to 6 p.m.

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Migration Week Begins Today, Ends Thursday at Biscayne Tavern

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Biscayne Tavern
Migration Week, during which renowned Chicago brewery Goose Island commits a tap takeover at three Miami restaurants, starts today at the Butcher Shop and ends Thursday at Biscayne Tavern.

The Goose Island three-day tap takeover offers beer buffs and budding suds students alike the chance to try several of the Midwest brewery's signature ales for the first time. We spoke with Ryan Forrest, the Tavern's general manager, about Migration Week's closing event as well as other planned tap takeovers at the Downtown Miami gastropub.

Forrest is excited about Thursday's event. "Biscayne Tavern jumped at the opportunity to be just one of several South Florida destinations to team up with Goose Island during Migration Week to share with downtown residents rare beers brewed and generally distributed only in Chicago."

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Wynwood Brewing Company Wins ADDY Award

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Thumbnail image for wynwoodbrewing_muraltouches.jpg
Laine Doss
Wynwood Brewing Company's tap room is filled with local art.
When Wynwood Brewing Company opened late last year, the owners wanted to meld art and beer together. After all, the brewery is located in Wynwood, Miami's artistic heartbeat.

Luis G. Brignoni, president of Wynwood Brewing Company, stayed true to his family's vision of incorporating art and the art of beer making into their tap room with murals by prominent and up-and-coming artists graving both the interior and exterior walls of the building.

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J. Wakefield Brewing to Begin Construction Today

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David Minsky
J. Wakefield Brewing Company
J. Wakefield Brewing Company received full approval to begin construction on its new facility and plans to start Monday, according to a Facebook announcement made yesterday.

Construction should take eight to ten weeks, according to brewery. The 5,400-square-foot facility is located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District and will eventually share a street with two other breweries.

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Saint Patrick's Day Cocktails: The Drinking of the Green (Recipes)

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Courtesy Brother Jimmy's BBQ
Drink in the green this Saint Patrick's Day.
Saint Patrick's Day is officially Monday, but serious partyers will no doubt be celebrating throughout the weekend. Though one might immediately think of pounding the green beer with a Jameson chaser, there are other options to consider when choosing your St. Paddy's day libation.

We found four fantastic cocktails that embody the spirit of this rousing holiday where for one day, everyone's blood runs green. Make these cocktails at home with the included recipes, or enjoy them at the bars listed. Just remember to wear something green.

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Get Your Green On With These Four St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Get bombed.
Irish folk may not constitute a large percentage of Miami-Dade County residents, but the Magic City doesn't lack in St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

In fact, St. Patty's Day is one of our favorite ethnic holidays, tied for first place with Cinco de Mayo. The fact that you are practically expected to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol on these two holidays may have something to do with their popularity, but who are we to judge? We also wish that green beer was available year-round.

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