Sweet Liberty Drink and Supply Company to Open in South Beach

Courtesy of John Lermayer
John Lermayer and partners opening Sweet Liberty
The Miami cocktail scene is getting an exciting new addition to the already growing list of bars and lounges serving up creative cocktails.

The big news? The dream team behind the operation.

Regent Cocktail Club's John Lermayer, the team behind Blackbird Ordinary, and David Martinez of Michy's are partnering up to open Sweet Liberty Drink and Supply Company.

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Marlins Park Hosting Miami Octoberfest October 4

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Photo by Justin Namon
Marlins Park will once more open its gates for a beer festival.
Marlins Park is turning out to be a handy location to host a beer festival. The baseball team announced that the stadium will host the Beck's 2014 Miami Octoberfest, formerly known as Brickellfest, October 4.

The worldwide beer festival celebrating the fall harvest will be an extravaganza of German and craft beers. Rain or shine, the show will go on. The roof will provide shelter or shade in the West Plaza. The festival will last from noon to 11 p.m.

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Grey Goose VX Launches in Miami

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Courtesy of Grey Goose VX
Vodka mogul Grey Goose has a new spirit to celebrate, and it's packing cognac. Grey Goose VX, which stands for vodka exceptionnelle, launched September 1, which means you can get your drink on today. Simply pick up a bottle -- 750 ml retails for $74. It's not cheap, but this is one of those cases where quality over quantity is applicable.

Only a limited supply will be produced each year, and the brand will be rolling out the spirit to nightclubs and venues throughout the city. (Think LIV, Mansion, Story, etc.) But you too can get the uniquely looking VX bottle that's been modeled after XO Cognac decanters at liquor stores now.

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The Search for Miami's Best Bloody Mary Is On

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Courtesy of Tongue & Cheek
How do you make your bloody?
When the work week is going bad, there's one thing that can keep us going to the weekend: the promise of a bloody mary.

There's something about this savory beverage that just says "weekend." Maybe its the claim that the cocktail' is a surefire cure for hangovers (with its mixture of salt and spirits, there's method behind that madness, although it probably only delays the headache that's bound to come). Or maybe it's the fact that a good bloody is as much a meal as it is a cocktail.

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Estrella Damm Tapas Journey: Three Tapas and a Beer for $20 Through September

All photos by Carla Torres
Yes, you will have an Estrella Damm.
When was the last time you had three plates and a beer for $20? If that sounds familiar, you probably participated in last year's Estrella Damm Tapas Journey, which took lovers of the Barcelona beer through Wynwood for a taste of Spanish culture.

Estrella Damm has brought back the tour, extended it to Brickell and downtown, and added a bunch of Spanish restaurants, allowing you to eat and drink like a true Spaniard. Short Order was invited to sample some of the tour's tapas.

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Lilt Lounge at the Epic: Oysters, Caviar and Champagne Cocktails

Photo by Carla Torres
Well aren't you excited that it's a three-day weekend? If you're staying in town and are in need of some food and drink, you might want to check out Lilt, the new lounge at the Epic.

You'll find live music and champagne cocktails poured tableside from a trolling champagne cart. Oh, and don't forget the oysters with green apple caviar and cucumber granite. Don't worry, it's faux caviar.

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Cigar City Beer Pairing at Verde: Imperial Stout Limited Release and Grouper Cheeks (Photos)

All photos by Carla Torres
Beer-pairing dinners attract the most devoted of beer snobs. Only true craft beer lovers would drive down from Fort Lauderdale for one. Especially when the beer involved Tampa brewer Cigar City and the chef happens to be the one who opened the Cigar City brewpub in 2008.

Cigar City rep Eddy Torres joined chef Nicolay Adinaguev at Verde last night for the restaurant's first beer pairing. Short Order was invited to attend the dinner.

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Biscayne Bay Brewing Company to Hold First Public Tasting at Key West Brewfest

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Courtesy of Biscayne Bay Brewing Company
Biscayne Bay Brewing Company will showcase its beers to the public for the first time during this year's Key West Brew Fest.
Another Miami brewery is poised to open in the coming months, yet for the past year the general public has not had a chance to taste any beer from Biscayne Bay Brewing Company.

That will change, however, when the brewery is handing out samples of its beer at the Key West Brewfest this weekend. The beer festival kicked off yesterday for the Labor Weekend and ends on Monday. Dozens of Florida beers will be featured, including several from Miami, but Biscayne Bay Brewing is no where to be found on the website.

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Bacon Cocktails for National Bacon Day (Recipe)

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Courtesy Tongue & Cheek
Bacon meets booze. Everyone's happy.
Welcome to the start of a fantastic holiday weekend. This last-hurrah of summer contains not one, but two memorable days.

In addition to celebrating Labor Day, this weekend we pay tribute some something near and dear to our hearts. Bacon!

Saturday is National Bacon Day and, while it may be slightly lesser known than that other holiday, it's a pretty good excuse for a celebration. We imagine a world where National Bacon Day is filled with sales (all bacon half off!); cookouts (with bacon, of course); and parades. (Can you just imagine the marching band decked out in curly tails and snouts?)

Until that day, we're going to raise a glass to our favorite meat candy with some of these bacon-infused cocktails.

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Make Your Own Tiki Cocktails for Labor Day, Courtesy of Gui Jaroschy and Trevor Alberts

Photo by Jose de las Casas
Drunken Dragon's Voodoo Lady
So you think you can't make tiki drinks at home? Think again. In celebration of Labor Day, we've rounded up a couple of recipes from the two tiki authorities in town, Gui Jaroschy (Broken Shaker) and Trevor Alberts, to keep you cooled off in this unbearable heat.

"Tiki drinks have always grabbed my attention right away," says Jaroschy, who recently revamped the cocktail menu at SoBe's new Asian gastropub Drunken Dragon.

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