Salsa Fiesta Slings a So-So Mexican Brunch

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Lee Klein
Huevos rancheros -- on corn chips.
Salsa Fiesta started in Venezuela, where it has flourished as a food court staple. The Biscayne Boulevard branch has also fared well; it's Mexican fast food, but of a higher quality than the Taco Bell-level chains. Actually, the folks at Salsa Fiesta prefer having their food referred to as "casual" Mexican -- and the website adds "We mean 'real' Mexican food."

Real Mexican? That's getting carried away. But the food here is tasty, and is now available in brunch form every Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

How was the brunch? Eh.

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Six Places in Miami to Get Bottomless Booze With Brunch

Bottomless booze is a beautiful thing. And nothing says Sunday-morning-hangover cure like free-flowing bubbles (or bloodies). Luckily for the lush in you, there are lots of Miami brunch spots offering weekend libations to soothe your queasy stomache and bring back that pleasant buzz.

So next time Saturday night's festivities leave you a little worse for the wear, here's a lineup of eateries where you can get your day drinking on. Cheers.

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Overtown Gospel Brunch Tomorrow: Worship, Music, and Red Velvet Waffles

Courtesy of Overtown Music Project
The second annual Gospel music breakfast features music... and waffles.
On Saturday, musicians and community leaders will gather to celebrate one of Miami's oldest and most historic communities, Overtown. It was once known as the "Harlem of the South," a community filled with artists, writers, and musicians. There were many music clubs and ornate churches filled with song.

But neighborhoods are cyclical and Harlem, New York, which once was in a sorry state of disrepair, has gone through a major renaissance. Hoping to spur a similar rebirth is the Overtown Music Project, an organization dedicated to saving the music of this historic community through events that promote awareness of Overtown.

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New Hammacher Schlemmer Gizmo Lets You Cook Omelet and a Waffle Simultaneously

Hammacher Schlemmer
Two possible breakfast scenarios emerge. 1) No time or space to oook high end breakfast options. 2) You can't decide what to eat. The raging debate is finally over with the Only Omelet and Waffle Maker.

"One of the biggest things is that the device recognizes a common problem in the kitchen," says Bree O'Day, public relations associate for Hammacher Schlemmer, the Chicago company that markets the omelet-waffle maker."This is just another nifty thing that helps with that."

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Food Trucks Compete in Tobacco Road Breakfast Cook-Off February 4

Everyone knows food trucks meet at Tobacco Road every first Saturday of the month, but February 4 is different because the trucks will convene to celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month.

It's good to see that some people are taking unofficial food holidays seriously.

Twelve trucks will compete for the title of breakfast challenge winner and bragging rights. The victor also gets to put a cool sticker on their truck, marking their status as master of the food-truck-breakfast domain.

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Tomorrow: Dunkin Donuts Casting Hispanic Fans For Commercial, Launches Today Donut

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Dunkin Donuts
The Today Donut celebrates 60 years of early rising.
If you love Dunkin Donuts more than a cafe con leche from the local bodega, then you really need to come out to the Dunkin Donuts casting call tomorrow.

Dunkin Donuts is conducting a search for the ultimate "hispanic Dunkin' Donuts coffee fan to appear in one of the brand's Hispanic television advertisements."

The casting is being conducted by Dunkin Donuts South Florida, a local, independent franchise group based in south Florida. The Spanish-language commercial will be filmed sometime next month.

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Steal This Continental Breakfast: The Urban Forager's Guide, Vol. 1

Times are tough, so many people are searching for hotels with free continental breakfasts. 

Problem is, some of those eating aren't guests, says Hampton Inn, says manager front desk clerk Alfonso Tobenas. That's right. Folks walk into tourist hotels and pose as guests to gain access to morning chow. Who would do such a thing? Lots of people, according to local hotel insiders.

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Big Pink: An $18 Breakfast? That's a Lot of Green!

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Lee Klein
$12.50 omelet plate.
One of the reasons Big Pink has remained a popular neighborhood haunt over the years is its neat, contemporary coffee shop ambiance. Light streams through floor-to-ceiling windows, and lofty ceilings add to the airy feeling. Dining outdoors on this peaceful block south of Fifth Street is just cool. Plus portions are huge and the extensive menu offers something for just about any taste or mood.

Breakfast, for instance, brings a choice of 20 items, from waffles to breakfast burritos to matzoh brei. It also brings coffee in a cup the size of a soup bowl -- fresh, strong, hot, and refilled often ($3). Our waitress was friendly and efficient. When we pointed out that the spoon used to stir coffee had stuff stuck onto it, she replaced flatware and brew right away.

Well, that's the good news...

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Big Pink

Buena Vista Deli is Almost Like Paris in the Morning

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Lee Klein
Some weeks ago I bemoaned the lack of great breakfast spots -- meaning American-style. Buena Vista Deli does not serve American-style breakfasts, but it does dish some of the finest French breakfast pastries in town.

While taking a seat on the outdoor patio that runs up Northeast 46th Street is not quite the same as sitting by the Seine, especially now that construction along this stretch has slogged southward, the tree-lined neighborhood is peaceful in the morning.

And seriously, the pithivier I had fresh from the oven, filled with a soft sweet frangipane of almond, was equal to those my wife and I have enjoyed in the cafés of Montmartre.

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Breakfast At Oliver's

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Thumbnail image for rsz_oliverseggs.jpg
Lee Klein
Oliver's All American breakfast.
Oliver's Bistro has occupied the South Beach corner of West Avenue and Ninth Street for about eight years now. The occupation has been a quiet one -- when is the last time you read about Oliver's Bistro? -- but residents of this mondo condo neighborhood (and a surprising number of foreign tourists) know the place quite well. Most of the outdoor tables and chairs (under bright orange umbrellas) are filled with locals throughout the three meal periods, although the indoor dining area sees more action this time of year.

It had been awhile (years) since I stopped in for breakfast, so I did so relatively early one morning last week. If you're thinking about croissants and pan au chocolate, you've got the wrong idea -- Oliver's calls itself a bistro, but it's really more of a coffee shop with diverse dinner menu. Which makes it ideal for breakfast. If you get there before ten (it opens 9 am every morning but Friday), the air is still cool enough to enjoy patio dining and a peaceful vista -- mostly of people walking their dogs.

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