Five Beers You Must Try at Brew at the Zoo

Photo by Liliana Mora
Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo returns to Zoo Miami Saturday, May 3. From 8 to 11 p.m., channel your inner party animal as you sample unlimited beer and rock out to the soulful tunes of Mr. Robert Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice (AKA king of the '90s and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's best friend). Of course, there's also food, entertainment, and lots of giveaways -- all within a few (safe) feet of some of the wildest animals known to mankind.

But you're really going for the beer, as the event name implies. With more than 100 beers, ales, shandies, porters, and ciders to choose from, where do you even start? Think of the offerings at Brew at the Zoo like stars in the sky -- some just shine brighter.

With that in mind, we're sharing a list of standout beers to try at Brew at the Zoo, chosen for their characteristics and just plain ol' drinkability. Cheers!

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Brew at the Zoo Is Back: More Than 100 Beers and Vanilla Ice

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Ice, ice beer-by.
Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo is back. That means it's time to enjoy hundreds of the world's finest beers alongside the wildest creatures you've ever encountered. No, we're not talking about your college roommates. We're talking about monkeys and tigers -- and Vanilla Ice.

It all goes down from 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday, May 3, at Zoo Miami, where you're invited to sample as many brewskis as you like and listen to Vanilla Ice sing the catchiest song to come out of the '90s: "Ice Ice Baby."

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Brew at the Zoo in Photos: Fast Pours, Long Lines, Mexican Sombreros

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Beer snobs, you are not alone.
If you are what you drink, then most of South Florida's beer snobs are fruits or just plain bitter.

Hoppy, pungent IPAs and light, easy-drinking pilsners infused with berries or citrus garnered the longest lines at the Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo on Saturday night at ZooMiami.

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Brew at the Zoo: Plan Your Evening With Our Handy Event Map

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Yesenia Hernandez
Don't miss one single beer with our handy map.
Brew at the Zoo is tomorrow, May 4. The event, at Zoo Miami, features over 100 beers, including local craft selections and a home brewers alley serving unique and delicious brews you simply have to try.

If you're a serious beer geek (or you're into treasure hunting), here's a map of the entire Brew at the Zoo in advance, which is totally helpful in planning a beer-tasting strategy.

We suggest treating BATZ like a day at Disney, running to the back of the event and working your way to the front. Alternatively, seek out your favorite brew and rush over to their tent for a first sip. Either way, you'll be able to easily find your favorites and navigate the terrain like a pro.

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Brew at the Zoo Mega-Deal: Get a Four-Pack of Tickets at Half-Price

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Thumbnail image for brewatthezoo2013.jpg
The fourth annual New Times Brew at the Zoo is tomorrow, May 4, at Zoo Miami. The event features great beers, good food, live concerts, and plenty of surprises.

We know most of you have your tickets in hand and are busy planning for an evening of sudsy fun -- ironing your best beer-related T-shirt, making pretzel necklaces, and polishing the beer goggles.

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But some of you procrastinators haven't made plans. In case you're on the fence, allow us to give you the top five reasons why you should go to Brew at the Zoo:

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Brew at the Zoo Discount: Angry Union Wins Paul and Young Ron Competition

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Laine Doss
Paul and Young Ron congratulate Angry Union for their superior home brew.
There were some tense moments (and a lot of laughs) at Paulie's Kitchen at the Paul and Young Ron studios in Miramar yesterday, as the two radio personalities (and beer-drinking members of their crew) judged five of South Florida's best home brewers.

At stake? A table at the Paul and Young Ron Brewer's Alley and VIP access to Brew at the Zoo, this Saturday, May 4 at Zoo Miami. (Where, by the way, they are offering a $10 VIP discount starting today with promo code CTS2013, by clicking here.)

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Paul & Young Ron's Home Brewer Competition: Winner Featured at Brew at the Zoo

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Paul and Young Ron
Homebrewers wanted!
Paul and Young Ron might know everything about being the funniest people to every hit the radio airwaves, but did you know they're also beer aficionados?

In fact, they love beer so much, they've taken over the fourth annual New Times' Brew at the Zoo, renaming our home brew section the "Paul and Young Ron Brewers Ally".

They're also holding a competition to see which Paul and Young Ron Show listener makes the best home brew in the first ever Paul and Young Ron Home Brewer Competition.

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FIU's Beer Academy: Meet It at Brew at the Zoo May 4

Beats the hell out of algebra.
Beer has been an obsession of mankind since the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians made brew 7,000 years ago.

We've evolved techniques since then, but the basic fundamentals remain the same. After all, in the most primitive of terms, beer is simply the byproduct of fermented grains.

Although equipment and sanitation have drastically improved, it's still simple to make beer at home. But, like anything, you've got to be shown the right way at least once.

That's why the FIU Beer Academy was born. Consisting of three affordable classes open to the public, Beer Academy might just be the best time you'll ever spend in school. Led by Professor Barry H. Gump, the classes are held several times throughout the year. Students learn by doing. In other words, you'll bring home beer the night you start.

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Brew at the Zoo Flash Sale: Take $10 Off Tickets Through Sunday

Categories: Brew at the Zoo
BATZ Promo Image.jpg
The fourth annual New Times Brew at the Zoo is creeping up on us as stealthily as a tiger.

This 21-and over event, which allows you to sample over 100 beers on Saturday, May 4, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Zoo Miami, promises to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Now, more than ever, the craft beer scene is exploding in Miami, which means you'll be able to try out local brews from home and small breweries like Misfit Home Brewers, B.R.E.W. FIU, Most Wanted, Schnebly/Miami Brewing Company, and more. These beers are inspired by the local scene and are filled with tropical fruit and rich coffee notes. In fact, you might say that they're as colorful as a peacock.

More beers are being announced daily. In fact, Miami New Times staff are as busy as bees, working day and night to curate the best selection of brews for your drinking enjoyment.

Tickets for Brew at the Zoo are $35 for General Admission, $75 for VIP (which get you an extra hour of tasting at 6 p.m., access to the VIP tented area, unlimited premium beer & spirit samples, and catered food).

But, we've got a weekend FLASH sale going on!

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Brew at the Zoo: Five Must-Try Beers and Haiku Ticket Giveaway

Categories: Brew at the Zoo

Yesenia Hernandez
Our sister paper may have just hosted Beerfest, and you may have already gotten your fill of beer for a while.

But where's the fun in that?

Brew at the Zoo is inching closer, and it's about time you realize what you'll miss if you skip this annual extravaganza.

Do you like Florida beer? We love it. And ya can't call yourself a true local without knowing the local brews. Here's a primer on some state-pride must-trys.

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