Brunch at Terrazza: DIY Bloody Mary Bar and Well-Stocked Buffet

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Photos by Carla Torres
Do you like to do it yourself?
As Miami's brunch evolves into a sea of bottomless options and dozens of eggs being cooked in different and inventive ways, restaurants are looking to take the Sunday feast to the next level: A day to revel and give into the week-long battle with gluttony, Sunday is undoubtedly meant for brunch.

Terrazza at the Shore Club, which serves brunch as a starter to their Shore Things Sunday pool party, has decided to add some options to their limitless offerings and a DIY Bloody Mary bar, because why not?

Short Order was invited to be our own mixologist and indulge in the bounty of edible choices, part of the Ladies Who Brunch gathering.

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The International Mango Festival: Colombian Mango Tastings and Star Chefs' Brunch

Photo by Jackie Sayet
Moist, marvelous mangoes. If the mere mention of them makes your mouth swoon, then get ready for this weekend when the 22nd annual International Mango Festival graces our palates. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden event will be held Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13, because one day of mango worship is just not enough. Among the yoga, shopping, lectures, and activities for the kids, there's tons of mango to try.

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Hannya Asian Cuisine to Open in Brickell This September

Courtesy FA Commercial
Hannya to open on Brickell Avenue this September.
Sushi never goes out of style.

The Japanese restaurant Hannya is set to open in September at 1060 Brickell Ave. As recently reported in South Florida Business Journal, a 16-year lease worth $3.5 million was recently brokered for the restaurant's space. Hannya will be walking distance from Mary Brickell Village, and will be located next to select restaurants such as La Lupita and L'entrecote de Paris.

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Love Is Blind Brunch: Hangover Wreckers and 99 Cent Mimosas

Courtesy of Love Is Blind
Hangover aid has arrived.
Many Miami brunches offer unlimited mimosas for a fee, but before you say yes to that deal think a moment. Just how many fizzy beverages are you actually going to consume over the course of a meal? If your limit is three at best, maybe that $20 all-you-can-drink offer isn't so wonderful, after all. Maybe it's time to consider Love Is Blind's 99 cent mimosas.

The whimsical Coral Gables restaurant just started serving weekend brunch because, as owners Carlos Galan and JC Chamizo tell Short Order, "the Gables was missing a fun yet affordable place to enjoy brunch with a casual chic appeal."

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Hyde Beach Launches Sunday Brunch: Baked Eggs a la Jose Andres and a Side of Party

All photos by Jose de las Casas
With the summer heat rolling in and the Miami brunch craze getting bigger than ever, Hyde Beach has jumped aboard and recently introduced weekend brunch with a side of party. Jose Andres could not miss an opportunity to indulge eaters with a spin on Spanish classics, some light and perfect for being in a teeny bikini, and some not so much.

Newly appointed chef Tito Vargas rolled out the new menu two weeks ago. J'adore Sundays is the name of the game, and if you go for brunch you get to skip out on the hustle and bustle of the line and cover at the door. And that's not all -- there's a DJ, a rolling bar, and even a caricature artist who wears a beret and will paint your portrait at absolutely no cost. Short Order was invited to get a taste of the brunch festivities. Pictures after the jump.

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Father's Day Brunch in Miami: A Guide to Meat, Beer, and Cigars for Dad

Thumbnail image for Pancakes.JPEG
Courtesy of Swine Southern Table & Bar
A father's feast.
Father's Day is this Sunday, and chances are your dad might want nothing more than to stay on the La-Z-Boy and watch the game. But the recliner will always be there -- these Father's Day brunch specials will not. This Sunday, forgo buying yet another tie and show Dad some love by treating him at one of the restaurants below.

There's something on this list for every dad or abuelo, whether he's into brunch or is more of a steak-dinner guy. For bonus points, throw in a hand-rolled cigar and maybe a round of golf to boot. Note: Reservations are strongly suggested, and tip and tax are generally not included.

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Brunch at Bulla: Bottomless Sangria and Cochinillo Hash

Photos by Carla Torres
Start your Spanish brunch with a cup of gazpacho.
Bulla is the go-to place for watching any World Cup game that Spain is playing. Warning: Be prepared to hear Spaniards brag about the defending champs and boast that their country is the best in the world. On a recent Saturday, the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid game was a major event at Bulla, which serves a delicious brunch on weekends.

Brunch, which was launched on Easter, includes a tasting-style menu that takes classic Spanish favorites and modernizes them in multiple ways. Short Order checked out the tasting brunch that's available both Saturdays and Sundays.

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R House "Sunday Sauce" Brunch Adds Music and Bottomless Booze to the Mix

All photos by Carla Torres
Since its opening in January, R House has fused food and art. Now, with their recent addition of "Sunday Sauce" brunch service, they are adding music to that assembly of creative expression. DJs will rotate the turntables during the Sunday brunch and music series.

The $35 per person brunch includes your choice of one appetizer and one entrée. Like all good brunches know, bottomless booze is a necessity on Sundays, especially when you're sitting outside in Miami's warm weather and jamming to some tunes. R House has plenty of booze options to choose from so that no man is left dry. Short Order was invited to sample the "Sunday Sauce" brunch. Pictures after the jump.

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Where to Get Brunch on Memorial Day

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Photo by Laine Doss
So Memorial Day is fast approaching, and if you're an adventuresome soul who's sticking around for the weekend, you need to be thinking ahead. Planning is key when it comes to driving, parking, boozing, and, of course, eating.

Come Monday, we're betting you'll be sunburned, hung-over, and desperate for nourishing vittles. Luckily, not every place is shutting down for the holiday, so here are a few options for a belly-busting brunch come Monday morning:

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"Dig In" Mondrian's Saturday Brunch: Bloody Mary Bar and Eggs for Days (Photos)

All photos by Carla Torres
Brunch -- it's the most wonderful meal of the week. What's not to love about the combination of breakfast and lunch that's not only an excuse to eat anything and everything bad for you, but happens to be accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol? Nothing. We love everything about brunch. Especially when we don't have to wait till Sunday Funday to have it.

At the Mondrian, brunch comes a day early. So head over on Saturday and munch, all while hanging out poolside and sipping on Mary's the entire bloody day.

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