Burger King's Proud Whopper Just a Bite in Company's Equality Stance UPDATED

Courtesy Burger King
The Proud Whopper: sandwich with a message.
As a celebration of gay pride, Miami-based Burger King introduced the Proud Whopper in San Francisco last week. The sandwich is the same as a regular whopper-- only wrapped in rainbow-hued paper with the inscription, "We are all the same inside." Proceeds from the sales of the limited-edition sandwich will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation that promotes the advancement of education in teens.

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Burger King's Subservient Chicken Is Back, and He's Crying Fowl

Screenshot YouTube
He's back with a big "cluck you."
Ten years ago, Burger King introduced the Subservient Chicken, a strange character that was supposed to do anything you told it to do via the internet. Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky for the Miami-based fast-food chain's TenderCrisp chicken sandwich, the campaign featured a man in a chicken suit doing anything people told it to (much like internet porn sites), with the tag line "Chicken the way you like it."

The chicken was featured on several other Burger King commercials; then -- much like CP+B's creepy, giant-headed King -- it disappeared.

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Police Searching for Suspect in Burger King Armed Robbery

Google Maps
Miami Police are on the lookout for a suspect involved in an armed robbery at a local Burger King restaurant.

According to NBC 6, a gunman walked into the fast-food restaurant at 3051 Coral Way this past Monday around 9:30 p.m., jumped the counter, and headed straight for the back area. The suspect kept his head down to avoid clear identification by cameras.

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Burger King's Big King: Does It Stack Up to the Big Mac?

Burger King
The Big King. So unlike the Big Mac.
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's true, Burger King must really be fond of its number one competitor, because the new Big King sandwich looks pretty much like another "big" burger from another chain.

According to Burger King's website, the Big King features "two savory fire-grilled beef patties, topped with melted American cheese, fresh cut iceberg lettuce, crisp onions, crunchy pickles, and featuring a sweet thousand island style dressing, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun."

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Free Burger King Satisfries This Weekend

Laine Doss
Satisfries. Try them free this weekend.
You've heard about Satisfries, the new Burger King French Fry that contains less fat and calories than BK's classic fries. But have you tasted them?

What? Are you waiting for someone to just "give them away"?

If that's what it takes, Burger King's willing to fork up the goods.

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Burger King's Satisfries vs. Classic Fries: A Taste Test

All photos by Laine Doss
Burger King's Satisfries: How do they compare with the original?
Burger King's Satisfries launched today, and they are pretty much on everyone's mind.

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Burger King's French Fry Burger: Fast-Food Frita?

Burger King via AP
The BK French Fry Burger: A frita for the masses.
Miami is undeniably the land of the frita. Like our city, the sandwich is a hybrid of American and Cuban tastes -- a spiced-up meat patty on a bun or Cuban bread topped with papas fritas. Or, as they say in the rest of the country: a burger with fries.

So is it a coincidence that Burger King has just announced the launch of its French Fry Burger?

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Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper: Sadly, Never A Real Product

The hands-free Whopper. Never a real thing.
If there's one thing we love more than food, it's food-related gadgets. So, when we heard about the hands-free Whopper holder that Burger King gave out in limited supply last week to fans in Puerto Rico, we were praying for the invention to make it to Miami.

Only problem? The hands-free Whopper holder never really existed in the first place.

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BK Rib: Burger King's New Blockbuster

Burger King
Behold! The BK Rib!
There's a new rib in town.

Burger King has announced the BK Rib sandwich and it's already causing quite a stir among curious fast-food fans.

The sandwich, officially part of BK's summer barbecue menu, features a "juicy boneless rib patty with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, topped with sweet pickles and served on a warm toasted artisan style bun."

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Burger King's Spring Turkey Burger: 530 Calories; Veggie Burger: 412

Burger King
Burger King is making a turkey burger.
If you think Burger King is getting light and healthy with its new spring menu, think again.

The Miami-based fast-food company has launched a series of lighter-sounding options -- including a revamp of the veggie burger that's been an on-again/off-again part of BK's menu for some time. The menu, which is available for a limited time at participating BK restaurants, includes a fire-grilled turkey burger, a veggie burger, chipotle chicken sandwiches and wraps, iced teas, and a piƱa colada smoothie.

For those of you not into anything even remotely healthy-sounding, BK is also introducing a chipotle Whopper, loaded tater tots filled with bacon and cheese, and a bacon-and-cheddar-stuffed burger topped with onion rings -- because more is, apparently, more.

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