Watch Jon Favreau's Chef Trailer

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Chef is rolling into Miami.
Jon Favreau's new movie, Chef, will be released on May 9 and we can't wait. Basically, if we could custom make a film, this would be it.

The movie, which features a cast including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, and John Leguizamo, is the story of a chef who quits his job at a prominent Los Angeles restaurant (owned by a crotchety Dustin Hoffman) to start a food truck named El Jefe Cubanos (Sorry about the grammar, but hey they are gringos)-- in Miami!

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Divine Delicacies Makes Chris Bosh's B-Day Cakes, Gets TV Show

chrisboshcake_aprilbellephotos.jpg Courtesy of Divine Delicacies
Chris Bosh celebrates a big-top birthday.
When celebrities have parties, they don't call Publix for a sheet cake. A-list bashes call for cakes with gold and bling, often in the shape of their favorite cars, animals, or private islands.

So who gets the call to make these elaborate desserts for Miami's elite? It's usually the mother-daughter team at Divine Delicacies. Laura Candeau and her mom, Iliana Lombardero, run the company and have created cakes for Miami Heat players, Kim Kardashian, and Pitbull, to name a few.

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LeBron James Announces a Soda: Already Selling on eBay for $20

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King James has his own soda.
If you want to know what being a Miami Heat star tastes like, look no further than your refrigerator. LeBron James now has his very own soda.

King James and Coca-Cola announced the launch of Sprite 6 Mix, a limited-edition Sprite that combines the traditional lemon-lime beverage with a twist of cherry and orange flavors.

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Chef Opens SXSW Film Festival; Look at the El Jefe Cubano Food Truck

Chef Jon Favreau is rolling to SXSW.
By now you've surely heard about Chef, the movie that follows the life of chef Carl Casper (portrayed by Jon Favreau), who quits his job at a tony Los Angeles restaurant to find love and redemption as a food truck owner in Miami.

Playing his ex-wife is Sofia Vergara, who teams up with him for his Miami food truck (named El Jefe Cubanos), along with his buddy (John Leguizamo) and son.

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Watch Sakaya Kitchen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Tonight

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Courtesy of Richard Hales
The mayor and the ninja of Flavortown. Together again.
When Guy Fieri visited Miami to film Sakaya Kitchen for his Food Network sensation Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, we were sure he'd have a great time. What we didn't know was how much he'd fall for Richard Hales' cuisine -- and the chef's sweet ride.

Fieri wound up dubbing Hales the "Ninja of Flavortown" (one of our favorite nicknames ever) before he left Miami with hours of footage -- and a 1964 Cadillac (after purchasing Hales' classic car). Hales was even invited to Fieri's birthday party in California (because every mayor needs his ninja to share special celebrations).

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Nina Compton on Life After Top Chef

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Laine Doss
Nina Compton: The gnocci queen dishes about Top Chef.
If you're a fan of Top Chef (or of Miami's Nina Compton), you probably watched a bit smugly for Padma Lakshmi's pronouncement of the winner of this season, only to be in complete shock and denial when Nicholas Elmi was declared victorious.

No doubt, all of Miami (and Saint Lucia) had thoughts of packing their knives and stabbing the gorgeous Lakshmi -- until Bravo's Andy Cohen made everything better a half-hour later on his late-night talker by declaring that Nina Compton won the title of fan favorite.

Now that the craziness has subsided and Compton is back in the Scarpetta kitchen, we chatted with her about how she felt when the decision came down, winning fan favorite, and what's next for the talented chef.

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Emilio Estefan and Botran Rum Join Forces for Miami Nights

Carina Ost
...and I was like Emilio.
Earlier this month, Botran Rum and Grammy award-winning producer Emilio Estefan announced a partnership promoting the mantra, "The night begins with Botran."

Last night was the unofficial kickoff with an evening under the Miami sky at the Cardozo Hotel on Ocean Drive. A band played on as rum cocktails were shaken like maracas and servers in white linen and Havana style hats passed pork and plantains galore.

The more official event will be tomorrow's Botran's Medianoches & Mixology presented by Smithfield at Wynwood Walls hosted by Anne Burrell and Emilio Estefan as part of SOBEWFF.

This event was all about the rum and we had some good teachers: Emilio Estefan and Miami's Rum Renaissance Festival's Robert Burr who happened to be at the event.

Estefan gave attendees some sage advice, "The more you drink, the better I sound."

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David Beckham Makes Early-Morning Cheeseburger Baby Call

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Courtesy of Cheeseburger Baby
Bite it like Beckham!
Night owls who felt a very late-night craving for a burger on South Beach early this morning were rewarded with a different kind of beefcake.

The sight of David Beckham rolling into to Cheeseburger Baby around 3:40 a.m.

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Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest: Watch the Finalists Here (Video)

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Screenshot via YouTube
Sure. Blame the ostrich for everything.
On February 2, millions of people will watch Super Bowl XLVIII, as the Broncos face the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Some will watch to cheer their team to victory. We'll watch it for the commercials.

And, with a 30-second spot going for around $4 million, you can bet the commercials for beer and cars will be slick and celebrity laden. Expect to see Arnold Schwarzenegger shilling for Budweiser, Scarlett Johansson making bubbles for SodaStream, and Stephen Colbert tell America to "get crackin'" for Wonderful Pistachios.

In the midst of all this celebrity endorsement deals, the spots that prove to be the most consistently clever are the ones for Doritos. The kicker? They're made by amateur filmmakers and usually star someone's kid or dog.

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Ludacris Instagrams Brunch at Icebox Cafe, Stogies at Deco Drive Cigars

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Ludacria via Instagram
Ludacris is on a boat, bitch.
And now for the New Times edition of "celebrities are just like us."

Just like us, celebrities find themselves hungry. And even though they must have tremendous pressure to look better than us mere mortals (your mother might say you need to lose a few pounds, but at least you don't have to worry about TMZ reporting every time you're busting out of those skinny jeans), they give in to temptation.

Take Christopher Brian Bridges, AKA Ludacris, for example.

The rapper and actor was in South Beach this past Sunday and fell for the universal siren song that is cake. Especially cake that has Oprah's seal of approval. Because there's cake, and then there's "the best cake in Miami."

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