At Casola's Pizza, Size Does Matter: Massive Slices and Enormous Wings

Photos by Carina Ost
A slice so nice.

You don't know pizza slices until you know Casola's. The pizza -- and also the wings at this open-late spot are mouth-dropping and beyond massive.

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eCafe in Doral: Islas Canarias Croqueta Sandwiches and Nutella Croissants

Photos by Carla Torres
Go ham with this sandwich.
I have a personal bias against Doral. Maybe it's the fact that I lived there for 12 years or that my parents made the move at a time when the most exciting dining options were Hooters and Tony Roma's. Today, however, Doral is Venezuelan foodie heaven, with arepa and cachapa offerings everywhere you turn.

But take your time to peruse the back streets (or escape the horrendous traffic) and you might find something you weren't bargaining for: an Islas Canarias croqueta sandwich sharing baguette space with salami and provolone. The place is eCafe, and the astounding creation is the Go H.A.M.

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Miami's Ten Best Diners: Where Grease Is King

Photo by Ruhrfisch via Wikimedia Commons
Miami diners are few and far between, though there are some standouts.
Despite the number of Northeastern transplants in Miami, the choice in Miami diners is slim. They are places to get a pizza burger, super crispy French fries hidden under a mound of greasy industrial cheese, or a solid plate of hash browns and over-easy eggs. A few are sprinkled across town, though in many ways they play second fiddle to the cafeterias, fritangas, and endless ventanitas that are nestled into nearly every strip mall.

In some cases, ethnic places are Miami's version of the greasy spoon with similarly comforting, cheap, and hearty food based on a slightly different basket of ingredients. Nevertheless, it is those places where waitresses with wide smiles slam plates of glistening patty melts onto the table. Here are the best.

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Honduran Pollo Ceibeño Redefines the Hearty Plate of Chicken

Zachary Fagenson
Ceibeño de Pollo at Orgullo Catracho.
Forget amber-colored quarters propped alongside mashed potatoes and watery, over-mayonnaised coleslaw. Honduran restaurants offer their own, far superior version called pollo ceibeño, or ceibeño de pollo depending upon where you order it. Named for and popularized in La Ceiba, a port town on Honduras' north coast, it's a foundation of fried plantains topped with roasted or fried chicken thighs and a heap of cabbage dressed with an array of toppings.

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Ten Best Dinners Under $15 in Miami

Photo by
Don't fear the dinner bill at OTC.
The economy is improving, but let's face it -- the recovery has yet to hit the young, urban demographic. It's a constant struggle out there, made no easier by the desire to treat your date to the standard weekend dinner out on the town. Between valet, drinks, appetizers, mains, dessert, and tip, the whole affair can work quite a number on your already-tight wallet. Never fear, for Short Order is here to give you the rundown of the best places to dine out on a budget without sacrificing ambiance.

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Pepito's Plaza: Venezuelan Guilty Pleasures Await in a Doral Gas Station

Categories: Cheap Eats

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Parrillada mixta ($9) with steak and chicken at Pepito's Plaza.
Next to a cooler filled with Monster Energy and Red Bull, a group of police officers wolfs down burgers stacked with several meats covered with a dribble of egg yolk. Only a stack of Bud Light cases separates them from the cash register of this Doral Exxon, where people file in and out to buy gas and cigarettes.

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Palmas Cafe in Brickell: Lunch for Under $10

Photo by Giovanny Gutierrez
Hello, lover...
If you think there isn't a decent spot where you can get lunch for under $10 in Brickell, you'd probably be right. Up until a couple of weeks ago, anyway. That's when Palmas Café quietly opened in the gorgeous courtyard shared with Deli Lane and a few other places.

Palmas Café comes to Brickell from the owners of Oasis Café in Key Biscayne (which has been supplying all Key Rats with their coffee fix for decades) and Las Olas Café over in South Beach (providing a similar service to beach-goers).

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Ten Best Falafel Places in Miami

Photo by Carina Ost
Green balls > blue balls.
Falafel is at its best when it has the yin and the yang -- crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

These meatless wonders show the depth of rich flavors that are possible in snackable form. You can dip them in a tahini or tzatziki bath, stuff them into a pita, or display them on a platter with hummus and tabbouleh. Regardless, they are the stars of the show.

From kosher and traditional to wacky and green with peas and fava beans, what follows are the top falafel balls in Miami.

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Ocean Deli Market in South Beach: Try the $5 Lunch Box

Photos by Carina Ost
This box is $5.
South Beach may have copious amounts of overpriced restaurants, but if you want the best deal in town: follow the construction workers.

Ocean Deli is a neighborhood bodega with liquor, snacks and substantial subs made with Boar's Head meat. But something funny happens during the lunch hours. Hoards of workers head to the glass case and point to things to fit in a white box. They then ignore the main line and head to the door, giving a guy who is like a bouncer a five-dollar bill and exiting with their box in a plastic bag. It is a secret society of inexpensive made-to-order lunch boxes.

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Miami Mediterranean Cuisine Is the Best Place for a Gyro in SoBe

Photos by Carina Ost
Fresh off the spit.
If you're going to Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine in SoBe for your gyro, kebab, and falafel fix, you're doing it wrong. The far lesser-known place Miami Mediterranean Cuisine has tastier food, is open late (2 a.m.), offers free delivery (if the order is over $15), and costs about half the price.

It may have an unoriginal and forgettable restaurant name, but its food is memorable because it's packed with fresh flavors.

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