Bravo's Best New Restaurant Features Five Miami Eateries

Photos courtesy of NBC Universal/Bravo
The staff of Tongue & Cheek faces the judges on Bravo's Best New Restaurant.
Bravo's new culinary competition series, Best New Restaurant, finally has a premiere date. Fans of Miami's restaurant scene should block out a few months of Wednesdays, because five of our favorite new establishments are featured on the show, which will air Wednesdays at 10 p.m., beginning January 21.

The show's format takes host, judge, and executive producer Tom Colicchio on a journey across America in search of the best new restaurant in the United States. Based on the UK series Ramsay's Best Restaurant, the show also features Maggie Nemser (BlackboardEats) and Jeffrey Zurofsky (Colicchio's partner and cofounder of 'Wichcraft) joining Colicchio to evaluate 16 restaurants from four cities: New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Miami. The fact that Miami is in the running with these other cities means we've got major clout. (And the fact that Colicchio is opening a restaurant here probably helps too.)

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Anthony Bourdain Chills at Oolite

Oolite via Facebook
Anthony Bourdain hangs with Kris Wessel and Lisa Odom.
Looks like there's been another Bourdain sighting in Miami.

Last afternoon, Anthony Bourdain was spotted at Oolite Restaurant and Bar, where he filmed a segment of CNN's Parts Unknown with rock legend and Miami resident Iggy Pop.

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Anthony Bourdain Caught Filming in Miami

Courtesy of Travel Channel
Bourdain at Dim Ssäm a Gogo.
Miami foodies, be on the lookout!

If you're dining out in the next few days and spot a thin, silver-haired gent who looks familiar, chances are it's intrepid chef/writer/television host Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain is in Miami filming, which means we likely have a South Florida Parts Unknown episode to look forward to next season.

According to Variety, CNN recently renewed the travel/food/anthropology show for another season. The entertainment insider says the show "ranks among CNN's most-watched programs, and it has earned Primetime Emmys two years in a row for informational series."

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Watch Party For Sam Gorenstein on Kitchen Inferno at My Ceviche This Wednesday

All photos courtesy Food Network
Curtis Stone hosts Kitchen Inferno
Food Network's newest culinary competition show, Kitchen Inferno, pits non-celebrity chefs against celebrity chefs in four cooking rounds -- with a game show twist. After each round, the competing chef will have the chance to walk away with the money he or she has earned -- or let it ride with a possible $25,000 prize purse.

That's what intrigued My Ceviche's Sam Gorenstein, who competes on this Wednesday's episode, entitled "Miami Heat". On the show, hosted by Curtis Stone, Gorenstein will compete against mystery celebrity chefs with each round getting more difficult.

What will Gorenstein do with the prize money? Spend it on a wedding, of course.

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Chopped Champions Winner Diana Sabater Talks Giorgio Rapicavoli and Moving to Miami

Pictures courtesy of Food Network
Last week, Giorgio Rapicavoli found himself in familiar territory as he faced Chopped judges for the third time in the dessert round of the first-ever Chopped Champions. The only difference this time around was that once Ted Allen lifted the silver cloche, Rapicavoli lost.

Diana Sabater, a single mother of two and former police department employee defeated the Eating House chef and owner, winning $50,000 and a brand new car -- the biggest prize in Chopped history. We caught up with Sabater yesterday as she's visiting Miami for the first time and thinking about making this her home.

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Giorgio Rapicavoli Defeated in Chopped Champions Finale

Courtesy of Food Network
As host Ted Allen best put it at the beginning of last night's Chopped Champions grand finale: "We could not be more pumped about this ultimate tournament grand finale lineup. Three amazing bold amateurs versus one strong and steady pro."

That pro was Giorgio Rapicavoli, chef and owner of Eating House, who after winning Chopped Champions' first round, pushed through to the dessert round in the finale, losing to Diana Sabater at the very end.

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Chopped Champions Finale Tonight: Giorgio Rapicavoli Goes For the Win

Courtesy of Food Network
Chopped Champions finale tonight.
Almost a month ago, chef and owner of Eating House, Giorgio Rapicavoli, competed in Food Network's first ever Chopped Champions and won in the professional round. No stranger to the chopping block and kitchen, Rapicavoli was the first Miami chef to win Chopped and Chopped Champions.

Tonight, he goes up against the winners from the other three rounds (amateur, celebrities and heroes) in the Chopped Champions grand finale at 10 p.m.

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MasterChef Casting in Miami: Insider Tips From the Casting Director

Courtesy of MasterChef
Masterchef is coming to Miami.
MasterChef, the Fox cooking competition that has "real people" competing just wrapped up season five, with judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot choosing Courtney Lapressi, an aerial dancer from Philadelphia, as the victor. Now, it's on to season six.

MasterChef is seeking contestants for a new season with a multi-city open casting call that includes a stop in Miami.

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Giorgio Rapicavoli Wins Chopped, Again

Courtesy of Food Network
Giorgio Rapicavoli makes winning Chopped look easy.
Last night, Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House and Taperia Raca competed in Food Network's first Chopped Ultimate Champions, where four winners were invited back into the kitchen.

"No amateur is taking me down," Rapicavoli uttered even before the show began.

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Giorgio Rapicavoli to Appear on Chopped Champions Tonight

Chef Giorgio Rapacavoli graffiti wall.jpg
Remember two years ago when chef Giorgio Rapicavoli competed on Chopped and became the first Miami chef to win? The $10,000 gave Rapicavoli the chance to pop up Eating House, which has become a staple of Miami's dining and brunch scene.

Well, tonight the chef is making his way back to the show that kicked things off -- sort of. Tune in to the Food Network at 10 p.m. for the first Chopped Ultimate Champions tournament.

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